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"Jin-Goo!" I scream to warn him that somebody is about to kill him. He turned around and throw him down. Grabbed his wrist and broke it as he twisted. "Who Are you?" He yelled as his eyes turned a light purple.
2 Days Earlier POV:Yeo Jin-Goo I walked in to my empty dorm room. I looked around, I went to the window and saw the front of the school. It's was a nice view. I was watching people coming in and out of the dorms. I love the view, I'm glad my parents let's me come here. I didn't hear my dorm door open. I turned around and stood in shock. I looked at the person in front of me. "What's up, little brother!" My older brother said to me. "Min-Ki what are you doing here?" I asked him. "What you aren't happy to see me little brother?" I just shake my head and began to unpack. I didn't say anything to him. I just kept looking at him. "Look it's wasn't my idea that I'm here. Dad wanted me to keep a eye on you. Plus I was happy to come to the humans world anyway." He said as he unpack. I looked over and saw the clothes that he took out. I saw all his leaves clothes as he was about to hang them up. "Okay if you going to leave in the human world. You have to go shopping for more clothes. Wearing those don't work here." I said looking at him. My brother looked down at his clothes. He picked them up and just stared at them. "What the ladies here won't like what I have." He joked. "No, they will just destroy you with those outfits." I said. "Okay Prince, I will follow your command." He said. I went into my bag and took out some clothes for him and gave it to me. I looked at my older brother as if he was my younger brother.
Present Day I was walking around the school and helping my brother out with the human world. I hated that my parents sent him here to watch me. And I'm doing the babysitting. I walked around to the admission office where I stop dead in my tracks. I looked at the girl getting out of the car. I couldn't believe my eyes as I looked at her. She still look the same as she did when she was three. She was walking while she was looking at her schedule. I remember saving her from the vampires. I saw how sad eyes looked after seeing her father being killed. I erase her memories so she could live a normal life. I would expect her I be here. She left her head from her schedule and eye beautifully big brown eyes was has they were when she was three. Before her family was killed. I didn't realize I was starring at her until my brother came along. "Who the hottie your eyes is starring down?" He joked. "Nobody, I thought she was somebody I knew but she isn't. Come let's go so we won't be late for class." I said to him. "No, She looks like he girl you save twenty years ago." He looked at her. I grabbed him and took him away. I looked back at her one last time before I left.
POV:JungKook I looked at myself in the mirror before I left to the cafeteria. I walk in the cafeteria there was so many humans at one place. I looked around to see which girl I could play with today. Some many beautiful girls around. I went to this table with nothing but girls. The first thing they did was act all shyly. I gave me a smile as they began to blush. I sat next to one girl. She had short blonde hair. "You looked good today sexy." I said giving her a wink. She could stop blushing as I kept flirting with her. I like using this humans as if they nothing. It's make it fun, expecially when I'm feeding off off them. While I flirted with these girls. I saw some of my friends from back home. Namjoon sat down next to a red head girl. He kept smiling at her as she kept blushing. Jin just rolled is eyes as he saw what we was doing. "Come on Jin we just having fun with some beautiful ladies why won't come join." Min Youngi joked. "I already have somebody in my heart and why are we even here. Do we need to go to school." He said walking away. The girls just looked at us as if they did something wrong. "Don't worry sweet ladies he just misses his girlfriend." Hopie said. While we just stop worrying about Jin and started back and talk to the girls. A girl passed me and the scent of her blood almost killed me. I Had to catch my breathe for a second. "You okay?" Taehyun asked. I nodded my head and turned around. I looked at the girl that just walked pass. She sat two tables away from me. She was a real beauty and I wanted to have. I got up and walked to her. She lift her head and looked at me. POV:Alice I was embarrassed about what had just happen. I didn't know what to do, I act like nothing happened and stayed in line to get my food. Amber took me to a table. We sat down and didn't say anything for a couple of seconds. Before we did some guy came behind me. I turned and looked up at him. He had black hair just like the guy that help me. But he was shorter and his eyes had a darkness to them. He sat down next me and got into my face. I pulled away and looked at him as if he was crazy. "Do I know you?" I said to the guy in front of me. He smiled, he move closer into my face. "I don't know do we know each other?" He asked. I just looked at him, his eyes keep looking into me. Something about him said stay away. Who is this mystery boy in front of me. He got up and walked away. He turned around and gave me a smile that I will never forget.
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amazing ❤ jung kook is a vampire and the other guy is mabey a vampire hunter???? so good cant eait for next chapter ❤❤❤
Wow this is so good plz tag me in future stories thx 😊 keep going it's so good