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Yo son, it's been a minute. So let me just dive on in! Recent chapters of Bleach have been hell's on point, gotta give Kubo his props, man has been putting in work. I was gonna make a card on Kenpachi because of recent events and plus I fuckin' love dude but I decided to control myself. I've also been quite busy and it slipped by me BUT! I will speak on ol' boy Hitsugaya. I'm a big fan of his and his form and powers have always interested me. He always seemed stalled or stuck with his powers and I'm glad Kubo his exploring him. The last few pages of chapter 670 had me wheezing from excitement of new power exploration and the fact that dude sprouted up like a flower in the sun. Mofo is one fine piece of popsicle. Like yooooo son! Good gawds Kubo you can be too kind to us. Holy shit guys tell me your thoughts! Tom