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Stage Name: Rap Monster Birth Name: Kim Nam Joon Nicknames: RapMon, Leader Mon, God of Destruction Birthdate: September 12, 1994 Position: Leader, Main Rapper Height: 181 cm Weight: 64 kg Blood Type: A Hobbies: Surfing the web Specialties: Making jokes and accidentally breaking stuff Trivia: His shoe size (U.S. conversion) is a 9 or 9.5 He was born in Ilsan He has one younger sister If he was a girl, he said he would date J-Hope because he is like the mother at the dorm He loves his computer, but he also loves books just as much Clothes matter to him His idols are Kanye West and A$AP Rocky Has been a trainee for more than three years His ideal type is someone with a refreshing voice, is tall but proportionate to his own height, has a fair, pale complexion, dresses simply, and would look good in just a pair of jeans, a white T-shirt, and some red Converse shoes His favorite foods are meat and Korean knife noodles Is the messiest member Openly supports gay rights He likes the number 1 because he likes being the best Clear weather is the best weather In ten years he wants to be an international, famous, rich rapper Black is his favorite color Contrary to his hardcore image, he is cute and playful in reality, as stated by Jimin Has a weird habit of rolling his shoulders back to loosen them up before singing or performing, or just in general Studied in New Zealand prior to debuting and can speak English (and when he does, fans say it sounds like he has an Australian accent or somewhat of a ghetto twang) Has said that as a group, BTS likes to watch the anime Shingeki No Kyojin together
Stage Name: Jin Birth Name: Kim Seok Jin Nicknames: Pink Princess or Jin Princess Birthdate: December 4, 1992 Position: Vocalist Height: 179 cm Weight: 60 kg Blood Type: O Hobbies: Cooking, playing videogames on the Nintendo, taking selcas Specialties: Secretly being a big game-and-anime nerd Trivia: His shoe size (U.S. conversion) is a 8 or 8.5 He really really really likes the color pink If he was a girl, he said he would date Jimin because he is shy and someone like Jimin would help him open up and be social Tends to favorite the maknae line (Jimin, V and Jungkook) Is in charge of cleaning up the dorm, usually because RapMon messes everything up He likes the beauty of the sunlight in spring He was born in Anyang Has a strange liking for Disney princesses Supposedly has the best body in the group, as stated by Jimin and Jungkook His astrological zodiac sign is the Sagittaruius His favorite number is 4 He has one older brother T.O.P from Big Bang is his role model Has a weird habit of blinking his left eye when hes hungry His favorite foods are lobster, meat, naengmyeon (a Korean cold noodle dish), chicken, hamburgers, pizza, and all types of greasy junk food He prizes his Maple Story action figures as much as his Super Mario action figures One word that describes him is Hidetoshi from Doraemon His ideal type is someone who will be a good wife, is good at cooking, and is nice In ten years he wants to be Sergeant Kim Seok Jin in the Bangtan army, and after that he wants to be a Jin that mothers would like watching on the TV
Stage Name: Suga Birth Name: Min Yoon Gi Nicknames: Motionless Min or Dad Birthdate: March 9, 1993 Position: Lead Rapper Height: 176 cm Weight: 57 kg Blood Type: O Hobbies: Doing nothing when he has free time, taking photos, avoiding having to do work Specialties: Being lazy when not busy, writing lyrics, making rhymes for everyday scenarios, overdoing his own jokes, and taking photos Trivia: His shoe size (U.S. conversion) is an 8.5 His favorite type of dog is the Welsh Corgi He likes the color white Is proud of his legs, and even claims that theyre as nice as the girls from Girls Generation Is family-oriented, very attached to them, and always says he misses them and loves them a lot Was an underground rapper before joining Big Hit Entertainment His favorite number is 3 Because he trained for such a long time (three years), he admitted to becoming restless and anxious for a debut that seemed to never come, and he even once threatened to quit the company His ideal type of weather is one where you can wear short sleeves during the day and long sleeves during the night He likes meat. A lot. He likes all kinds of electronics and his accessories His ideal type is a girl who appreciates music, especially hip-hop When he laughs, it sounds like eungkyakya When asked by fans if hed rather bother Jin or smile like V, he responded with Bothering Jin while smiling like V He speaks with a satoori accent when hes nervous and when he cries Has to think before he tweets One word to describe himself is either a glutinous rice cake or sugar, because he is fairly pale in real life His icons are Kanye west, Lupe Fiasco, Lil Wayne, and Hit Boy Would date Jin if he were a girl In ten years he wants to dominate the world with his music
Stage Name: J-Hope Birth Name: Jung Ho Seok Nicknames: Hope, Hosikie, King Wang Zzang (the best) Birthdate: February 19, 1994 Position: Lead Rapper, Dancer Height: 177 cm Weight: 59 kg Blood Type: A Hobbies: Listening to music and window shopping Specialties: Eating like a king, using his tongue, making sassy faces Trivia: He was born in Gwangju He has one older sister Is a former JYP trainee, and was featured in 2AMs Jo Kwons Im Da One promotions Trained for three years under Big Hit Entertainment alongside Suga He has a soft spot for dogs, especially small ones and puppies He likes anything that is green, shoes, and any Apple product Dislikes hitting his head, not being paid back when lending money to others, and anything to do with ginger (it makes him puke) -His favorite number is seven because he thinks it is lucky His favorite season is Spring Claims himself to be in charge of providing hope for the group He loves to eat like a king, and he loves traditional Korean dishes like kimchi He takes good care of his clothes and skin, but not as much as his legos His ideal type is a girl who loves him for him, is good at cooking, and who thinks a lot about the small things His role models are A$AP Rocky, J. Cole, Beenzino and G-Dragon In ten years he wants to continue being J-Hope of the then internationally famous world-star group Bangtan. And he wants to be in the army. He has a weird habit of sleeping with both his arms raised above his head when laying down If he had no other skills, he knows hell at least be good at dancing comcially to entertain others Loves to tease Jimin, the member who he also says is the member whos most similar to himself His favorite features are his nose, his bright charm, his positive personality, his hope, and his special aegyo Jimin says that he loves teasing his dongsaengs and has the brightest personality, but occasionally has unexpected timid sides to himself He ranks his looks 100 out of 100 Is semi-obsessed with the idea of being a god or a king
Stage Name: Jimin Birth Name: Park Jimin Nicknames: Park Jiminnie or Dooly (because apparently he looks like one when he puffs his cheeks out) Birthdate: October 13, 1995 Position: Lead Vocalist, Main Dancer Height: 175cm Weight: 60kg Blood Type: A Hobbies: Relaxing whenever he gets a chance Specialties: Doing aegyo and making pouty faces Trivia: His shoe size (U.S. conversion) is a 7 He was born in Busan His astrological zodiac sign is the libra He has one younger brother who he loves a lot His favorite colors are black and any shade of blue, especially light blue He likes the number 3 a lot His ideal way to spend the day relaxing is by listening to music that gives a good feeling on a warm, bright, sunny and breezy day His favorite foods are pork, beef, duck, chicken, fruits, and kimchi jigae (a Korean stew) He loves to wear bandanas, but loves wearing New Era branded snapbacks more Jokingly hits his fellow members as a way of showing his affection for them Is slightly insecure of his cheeks, and sometimes calls himself a pig because he thinks hes fat (however ironically, he is also well aware of his toned abs, and sometimes likes to make jokes about them or put them in the spotlight) His ideal type is a cute and small girl who is also nice His role model is Taeyang from Big Bang Has a habit of dancing and moving along to the music no matter where he is In ten years he wants to be a cool singer who enjoys the stage still as much as now He chooses cutie as the one word to describe himself, or Bangtans charming member
Stage Name: V Birth Name: Kim Tae Hyung Nicknames: TaeTae or Mong Tae AKA Blank Tae (because he always has a blank expression) Birthdate: December 30, 1995 Position: Vocalist Height: 178cm Weight: 58kg Blood Type: AB Hobbies: Searching for music that no one listens to, going on the computer Specialties: Photography Trivia: He was born in Daegu His shoe size (U.S. conversion) is an 8 He has one younger sister and one younger brother In charge of regional dialects His favorite colors are black, green and white Was chosen by RapMon as the member who would be the least talented when it comes to dating, mostly because he thinks of unconventional things to do on a date that typically a normal person wouldnt think of Has once stated that Suga accidentally hurt his feelings once when he jokingly made fun of his smile His astrological zodiac is the capricorn He lived in Kojang and Daegu before moving to Seoul He enjoys sunny weather the best Has received a lot of love confessions through SNS, but has openly admitted to never receiving one in person, face-to-face His favorite number is 10 The name V was given to him by Bang Si Hyuk PD, and was originally confused on how to pronounce it (either Veu-i or Vwee) His favorite animal is the lion His favorite foods are japchae (Korean glass noodles with vegetables and meat) and any kind of meat He likes collecting big, oversized dolls Anything that is unique to him is something that he likes Used to play the saxophone when he was younger Has a strange affinity for bubbles Was chosen by all other six members to have the worst sleeping habits because he will kick and scream if hes sleeping uncomfortably, and will demand his members to get him a glass of water before sleeping (therefore he is labeled as Diva V by his members ) He likes clothes, shoes, and accessories His idea type is someone who becomes more charming each and every day, takes care of only him, loves him for him, and appears as sophisticated and chic to the public, but on the inside is soft, warm-hearted, has a lot of aegyo, and will make him hot chocolate He has a habit of biting his nails, opening his mouth subconsciously, touching anything thats cute, and saying these phrase often: Mom and It hurts! If given one word to describe himself, he chooses monkey, because when he was younger a chimpanzee spit on him at the zoo and ever since then, all of his friends have been saying that he was the chimpanzees enemy His role model is his dad, because he takes good care of his children and gets scolded by his wife a lot In ten years he wants to be taking his future children (of which hell name them Taekwon and Taegeuk) to the zoo to feed the pigeons shrimp crackers. He also wants to be a cool dad with good fashion sense
Stage Name: Jung Kook Birth Name: Jeon Jeong Guk Nickname: Jeon Jungkookie Birthdate: September 1, 1997 Position: Main Vocalist, Rapper, Lead Dancer, Maknae Height: 177 cm Weight: 61kg Blood Type: A Hobbies: Drawing Specialties: Eating Trivia: He was born in Busan His favorite foods are bread, pizza, or basically anything with flour and a lot of carbs His shoe size (U.S. conversion) is 7.5 He has one older brother His favorite colors are red, black and white His favorite things are shoes and makeup Would date Jin if he were a girl He has a weird habit where he sniffles a lot because of his rhinitis. He also wriggles his fingers a lot He describes himself as the Golden Maknae AKA GoldMak His role model is G-Dragon In ten years he wants to be the owner of a duck meat restaurant or a tattoo artist He likes the number 1 His ideal type is someone whos at least 168 cm but still smaller than him, would be a good wife, is good at cooking, is smart, has pretty legs, and is nice
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