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Omg it's Seventeen!!! lol Also if you would like to play here's the lovely link to have a cute date with the maknae. There's just something about idols with headbands that attracts me. P.S. This date will go down as a siblings outing (make sense)??

Date time.

Well honestly it's a love/no love relationship with me and amusement parks. But I'm down!
Yas, I'm loving those heels, if only they existed in my closet!! And the makeup is for others to notice (*cough*) not poor baby Dino..mianhae.
Aww, it's okis Dino, I'll protect you from the scary rides lol. Because that's what siblings do right?? Like when crossing the street type of thing?
A hug, what a relief lol. I always hug my brothers and/or give them a kiss on the cheek because you never know what the next day holds for you. Hope you had fun like I did, which reminds me I owe my brothers an outdoor trip. -_- Tagging the lovely Carats: @MorganElisabeth @ChelseaJay @MrsJungHoseok And my proud list of Carat taggies: (gomawo lovelies) @minimanim3 @ChelseaGarcia
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Tame play dates with your bro, such a nice sister.