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Part 2 Part 3 Warning: because this is is a Jay Park fanfic be prepared for profanity. ~~ instagram dm ~~ Jay: Welcome to AOMG where we whoop ass and spit fire how can I help you? You: There is no way I am saying that when I answer the phone. Jay: Aww why not? You: Because I will start laughing half way through anyway I'm getting off the train now see you soon. Jay: Don't be late on your first day!!! Jay is such a dork in gangsters clothing. But it doesn't matter because he gave me the chance of a life time! I so convinced that I am over dressed for work today, but adjustments shall be made because lord knows Jay will tear me apart for looking like an office drone. I shouldn't be nervous afterall spaming him on instagram finally paid off and he responded and a friendship bloomed. Unfortuneately though he likes to comment on every single thing no matter what I post, even a rock that one time just to test him. Holy shit did he really put a banner up for me? ~~ 10 minutes later ~~ Finally at the door of his office in the most EMPTY building ever makes a woman wonder if she has the right address but hearing him tell people to shut up right after knocking confirms that he is trying to "surprise" you. Deep breaths y/n his heart is on the right place. AOMG: SURPRISE WELCOME TO AOMG! Jay *wrapping his arm around you*: As y'all know this is y/n and she is under my protection so that means Gray you stay clear! You: With your reputation in Itaewaon I need to stay clear of you. AOMG: OOOO burn. Jay: Why you gotta spit fire? You *aegyo*: I just want to fit in oppa. Also hand off my ass. ~~ in dorm later that night ~~ Eun-Sang: What was he like now that you finally met him? You: At first we played around to like break the ice but once it was broken he was warm and he stayed silly. Eun-Sang: He must use all he serious momments when he works then because he has a reputation for three things 1)business 2) ladies and 3) joking around You: Could it be maybe that is another layer of ice he needs to break? ~~ Jay (picture 2) ~~ random lady: Oppa why are you so far from me? I thought you wanted some fun!! Jay: I thought I did too.
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