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"Top student Akito is willing to do anything to become a hit writer in the Japanese comics industry, including manipulating his unsure classmate Mashiro into becoming his illustrator. Before long, the pair have their backs up against the wall, fighting for a chance to get noticed in the intense world of manga publishing. But then, an unlikely series of events puts them face-to-face with what real comic artists have to give up: love, health, and maybe even their futures. Get ready for a compelling race through the world of publishing not limited to glimpses into the industry, but all-out panoramic views packed with insider details!" Head over to the website to continue reading our review and see what score we gave this anime.
I'd definitely recommend it, both the anime and manga are top notch and are my personal favourites.
I haven't started reading this series yet actually, but everyone is so crazy about it :x Thank you for the review, it sounds really interesting, I guess I should get into it :x