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Is It About Time?

Genre: Angst, Suspense, Mild Horror
Members: Taehyung; Reader/You; OC
Part: 1/1 (Oneshot)
Requested by: Anonymous. “Psychopath/Murderer!Taehyung”
Summary: “Just don’t mind me as I take you all in.”
It was a relatively warm evening. The kind where a comfortable warmth heated your skin when you stood in the patches of sunlight drifting through the trees, but in the blues hues of the shady areas, felt cold. A cool breeze blew by with a chill low enough to elicit a violent shiver. Trees bent under the unpredictable rushes of air, leaves swirling and hair tousling under the pressure of the wind. The speed of the wind had reduced his hearing to a flooding whir and he had to strain to hear your voices, but once it stopped, it stopped. He could hear perfectly. The sounds of your laughter, the birds chirping, the crunch of leaves, snapping of branches, rustling of clothes.
He loved this kind of weather.
Idly snapped twigs between his fingers, he sat up on a sturdy branch he reclined on in the tree. The sun was setting and it was almost time for him to get moving. Covered by the dark leaves as the sun set lower and lower in the sky, he watched you and your companion obliviously laugh and chat by the fence separating you both from the woods. The truck he had watched you two arrive in was parked not too far away. Pretty soon you both would get inside and start to drive off and he could finally get to work.
His hands trembled in anticipation. Grinning widely, he suppressed the urge to laugh. If he did that now, you’d hear and all that time he had spent waiting would be for nothing. Instead, he hummed lowly under his breath, relaxing as he watched you both happily take photos together. He wondered how they turned out. Suddenly you both were running, chasing each other in circles and he frowned, body tensing. You both were going to wear yourselves out and then he’d have less work.
As if you both knew his thoughts, you both stopped, falling over into the soft grass, chests heaving as you caught your breath. Taehyung relaxed, leaning his head against the trunk of the tree as he calming watched you two relax. You both looked so peaceful, he observed.
It was beautiful.
Carefully, the large rock he had spent over a half hour trying to lug up the tree was pulled onto his lap. Your conversation was dying down and he was sure you’d both start to pack up. True to his prediction, when he looked over his shoulder he saw you both throwing empty bottles and ratty blankets into the bed of the truck. It took a while and much patience, but your night of fun was finally over.
The engine of the vehicle roared to life and Taehyung felt his heart rate spike. Shifting a bit, he gripped the rock with two hands, lifting it up to rest against his shoulder. Music unexpectedly started to blare from the car several feet away, the sounds of playful attempts at singing alone garbling together with whatever the radio was playing. He ignored it, steady gaze locked on the moving car directly in route to pass under the tree branch he hid atop.
He waiting until he saw and gleaming silver of the front bumper before shoving the rock forward and letting it smash against the hood of the car. Next he himself jumped from the branch, boot clad feet dropping into the truck bed as whoever was driving tried to steady the car.
You and your friend had screamed, unintelligible words tumbling from your lips as you both tried and failed to think of a reason as to why a huge rock had just impaled the truck hood. The wheel had instinctively been jerked to the left and the breaks were slammed on until the truck came to a complete stop.
Stunned silent, you both just sat there for a moment, grateful that you both were unharmed. Shakily, you suggested that you both get out and try to move the rock. Mentally, you both hoped nothing important was damaged; there was no cell reception out here in the woods. You turned in your seat to unbuckle your seat belt, eyes locking with the man crouched outside the back window.
He grinned.
And you screamed
nothing just that looks @AnnaArai
ahhhh run!!!
what is that looking v
what no....this cant be a oneshot.... more!
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