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Haiiiii Everyone! So I am back with the next part of the Ikon Game! This time, all of this story is my doing so hopefully you love it! I'm sorry it took until this time for me to post but I have been super busy with stuff here at home. Enjoy Part 6! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Words to Know: (Y/S/N)-Your Stage Name 'Pick your own Stage Name' (TeaseBoy)=#3 Guy from last game who you secretly desire, teased and pleasured you (TargetBoy)=He is the person you got that you will be targeting. Hes also number 3 but on Part 5 of the game. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ LINKS TO PAST GAMES: *Get to know Ikon: Link☞

Past Game Links:

Link----› ♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡♢♡ Last time ended with (TeaseBoy) going towards you grabbing your hair so tight pulling it back, and you letting out a groan. Then, you felt his hot breath by your ear as you hear him say "Now your gonna get it Y/S/N" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
He grabbed your throat softly while his face was still close to yours. You still felt his warm breath by your ear, going down to your spot on your neck. You winced and closed your eyes as you wanted him to just get on with it and stop teasing you. His hand then went down tracing your chest going in between your breasts, slowly going down to your stomach, going even lower getting in between your legs. You bit your lip as he got in between your legs. Already getting anxious you said to him (Below)
What You Said To (TeaseBoy) He smirked and chuckled at how you were loving this. His hand then started massaging your inner thighs still teasing you but not touching the spot you wanted him to touch. "You want this Y/N don't you?" He whispers in your ear while his hand is playing with your inner thighs, teasing you. You gasp at the sudden touch of his, waiting patiently as you can for him to touch you. "I don't want to want it but...I can't help it" You say to him His hand that was between your thighs suddenly came off and went to your face. He grabbed it hard and made you face him. Both of your faces were so close. You both made eye contact. He bit his lip while looking at your lips. You craved his lips to be on yours. He got his lips close to yours. He let go of your chin and his hand went back in between your legs. But then he removed his hand again..."Shit" You say causing him to smirk. He was now inches away from your lips. His hand slipped inside your pajama pants but not in the place you wanted his hand to be. He slowly started going lower grinning at your expression. You tilted your head separating how close your faces were but you couldn't help it since he was getting close to your region. "Y/S/N?" He says as he whispers in your ear "Y-yeah (TeaseBoy)?" You reply His hand going lower and closer to your special spot in between your legs. "Do you like this? You want me don't you?" He says to you while nibbling on your neck and his hand massaging your inner thigh inside your pajama pants. You Answered: (down below)
What you replied to (TeaseBoy) "If you got yes, skip this next part and read on from 'He Then' and on to the next slide. If you got No, continue this next part and go on to next slide" "Liar, I know you like it. Your body shows it and I know you want me too because of the way you look at me. You want my touch, you desire it because I make you feel so good inside" (TeaseBoy) Says in between nibbling your neck You gulped because you knew he was right. But you didn't want him to see that. He then:
What (TeaseBoy) did to you You gasped even more at what he did and bit your lip. He then said "Are you ready for me Y/S/N? Think you can handle me?" As he touched your special spot. One of his fingers disappeared inside you which made you let out a moan. "Gosh damnit (TeaseBoy) I am ready! Stop teasing me!" You whisper yelled "Say you want me first, then I will blow your mind away" He says nibbling on your neck again while another finger disappears inside of you. You let out another moan but you didn't want to do what he says because then he'll feel in control of you. "Say it Y/S/N, or I will leave you here wanting it" He says again Shit. Shit. Shit. Was all you could think of but then...another finger went inside and you couldn't hold out anymore "Fuck! (TeaseBoy) I-I want you! Uhhhh!" You moaned even louder. "How bad baby, How bad do you want me?" He then asks you while giving sweet kisses to your neck Your hormones were out of control, all you wanted to do was rip his shirt, sweats, climb him and ride him. You were so turned on and in heat you couldn't control what you were saying because that's how he made you feel when he touched you and was close to you. "I-I want you so bad (TeaseBoy) uhhh, r-really b-bad" You say as you move your hips to the movement of his fingers inside you. You thought you were going to explode but then... "Well that's too bad" He says removing his fingers out of you and moves away from you You were confused. "W-what do you mean" You say He comes back, grabs your hair and tugs on it making you face him. You noticed the smirk on his face. It hurt when he tugged at your hair but at the same time you liked it. He then said whispering in your ear seductively... "This is what happens when your being naughty. Now feel the pain of not getting the pleasure that I now left you in" And walks out of the door. "Fuck" You say to yourself "I hate you (TeaseBoy)"
Soooooo yeaaaaa. I hope you enjoyed this part. I know it's short but it's because I'm close to finishing this series. I had added more to this but then after so much of thinking, I decided to save it for the next update ;)

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