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Ch. 11
Jimin and Suga get up and walk to their bedroom. Suga just falls onto his bed without thinking about Jimin being behind him. Jimin plants his back against the door. “What’s he trying to do? Why is he being like this, is it because I’m with Suga?” Jimin thought to himself. “The boy needs to back off, I don’t care for him like that anymore. He rejected me not the other way around. I moved on.” Jimin said to himself.
Jungkook walks pass and stops at Jimin’s door, he heard the last part of what Jimin said to himself and smiled. “At least he’s thinking about me, and yeah he’s with Suga but that won’t last long, I’ll get him back.” Jungkook thought as he walked back with a confidence in his step.
Jimin wakes up before Suga and the rest of the group. He grabs his clothes and grooming gear, walking towards the bathroom he doesn’t think to lock the door. While Jimin is in the shower, Jungkook wakes up and goes to the bathroom, being half asleep and not taking notice of the shower being used until he glances over. Jungkook’s eyes grow wide when he realizes who’s in the shower.
Jimin stops the water and pulls back the shower curtain, when he focuses he sees Jungkook staring at his naked body. Jimin cover’s himself with the curtain.
“Um, you wanna leave now Jungkookie.” Jimin says. Jungkook shakes his head.
“No, actually I was enjoying the view hyung.” Jungkook says with a smile. Jungkook walks up to Jimin. Jimin clears his throat.
“Um, Jungkook, really please leave.” Jimin manages to choke out. Jungkook just ignores him and when he reaches Jimin, Jungkook moves his face closer to Jimin’s.
“Are you uncomfortable around me hyung?” Jungkook says in a seductive voice. Jimin feel’s Jungkook’s breath on his wet skin and it makes him shiver. Jungkook continues to tease Jimin by moving closer and whispering in Jimin’s ear.
“I think I like you this way, all wet just out of the shower.” Jungkook’s seductive voice in Jimin’s ear made Jimin close his eyes and take a deep breath. Jimin’s eyes shoot open when he feels Jungkook’s kiss on his neck. Jimin moves away quickly.
“Jungkook, please stop it. You rejected me remember. I’m with Suga hyung.” Jimin says in a firm voice.
Jungkook pulls away and looks at Jimin. “You may be with Suga hyung for now, but don’t underestimate me hyung.” Jungkook smiles at Jimin as he is about to turn away. “Oh hyung, nice erection.” Jungkook says with a wink before he walks out of the bathroom. Jimin looks down and indeed he did have an erection.
“Damn it.” Jimin says to himself. Jimin steps out of the shower and quickly locks the door before he finishes getting himself ready for the day. Jimin’s heart is racing but for a different reason, he was completely caught off guard by Jungkook. Not to mention that was the first time Jungkook ever saw him in his birthday suit.
After Jimin gets out of the bathroom he walks to the kitchen, Jin is prepping for breakfast and Jungkook is standing by the counter. Jungkook looks at Jimin and smiles.
“Morning hyung.” Jungkook says with a sly smile. Jimin just sneers at him as he walks to the cabinet to get a glass. When he opens the door he sees that the glasses are not in his reach. Jungkook was watching him and chuckles. Walking over to Jimin, Jungkook stands behind him and reaches for a glass. Jungkook is too close to Jimin for his comfort as Jungkook brings the glass down Jungkook whispers in his ear.
“Thank you for the show this morning hyung, let’s do it again soon.” Jungkook kisses Jimin’s ear making Jimin move quickly and rub his ear. When he sees Suga standing in the entrance with a pissed off look on his face. Jungkook backs away slowly from Jimin and smiles at Suga.
“Morning hyung.” Jungkook says. Jin turns around to see Suga looking not so pleased. Jin can only guess what he saw as Jungkook moved away from Jimin.
“Morning Jungkook.” Suga says with a smile. Suga remembered what Jimin told him that he was in love with him and he just told himself “Jungkook was just getting a glass down for Jimin nothing more” Right?”
Jimin moves away quickly to Suga and gives him a hug whispering in his ear.
“I love you Min Yoongi.” Jimin plants a kiss on Suga’s neck making him smile with reassurance. Jungkook takes a sip of his juice and walks away while rolling his eyes.
After breakfast the boys had to record for their new album. The next few weeks where busy with practice, recording, and all the side projects that when the boys were able to relax it was just for a day. Jimin and Suga went out, Tae and Hobi went for a drive. Namjoon and Jin stayed at the dorm for most of the day and then later met up with friends and hung out. Leaving Jungkook to be alone.
Jungkook walks into Jimin’s and Suga’s room closing the door behind him. He snoops through their things not really looking for anything particular just being nosy. Jungkook finds a letter in a bottom drawer in the back under a stack of books.
Dec. 31, 2014
I’ve must have written this letter a hundred times over and over again just trying to get the words out right. But it never seemed to work, but anyway here it goes.
I love you Jungkookie, I’ve been in love with you for a really long time. Also know that no one can ever replace you in my heart. I hope you accept my confession even if it isn’t cool.”
“And it stops, I wonder what made him stop writing.” Jungkook says to himself. “Apparently someone did replace me, but maybe I can get him back?” Jungkook thought. “He wrote it the day he confessed to me. DAMN IT Jungkook why where you so stupid to lose something that could have been great.” Jungkook said to himself kicking himself in the ass for being an asshole. Jimin with all his heart was in love with Jungkook and because he was crushing over Tae at the time he didn’t no he couldn’t accept Jimin’s heart. And now Suga has it, tears start to fall from Jungkook’s eyes. Jungkook folds the paper and puts in his pocket.
Jungkook wipes his tears away and stands up straight. “I’m going to fight for him.” Jungkook made the decision. Now all he needs to do is make a plan.
ohmy! but yoomin is life! but kookie tho....he better only be doing it because he cares..not because he is lonely
Omfg sht is bout to go down XD
omg Kookie don't do something stupid🙏🙏🙏
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