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Ch. 12
Jimin and Suga went to some parks to enjoy the beautiful blue and sun filled sky, there were very little clouds. Suga had his camera with him and would take random photos of what they saw and Jimin when he wasn’t looking. They laid on a blanket looking at the sky.
“Hey Yoongi, what are you thinking about?” Jimin asks. Suga just takes a deep breath.
“I’m thinking that I love you so much I don’t want to wake up from this dream.” Suga replies with his eyes closed.
“How about you Jiminie.” Suga asks. Jimin was looking at the sky and wondering if he should tell Suga about his encounter with Jungkook, but he chose not to because he didn’t want to ruin a good thing. Plus, he’ll just tell him later.
“I’m thinking about how lucky I am to be loved by you.” Jimin says as he rolls over and plants a kiss on Suga’s lips. Suga wraps his arms around Jimin kissing passionately. They stop once they remember where they are. Laughing at each other’s faces when they pull apart. They get up and get their things together when Jimin gets a text.
“I need to talk with you.” End text, the text came from Jungkook, Jimin felt nervous. Suga wasn’t paying attention he was busy putting things in the car.
“Okay.” Jimin text’s back.
“Great, let’s take a walk when you get back.” End text Jungkook was waiting in the living room when Suga and Jimin came through the door.
“Hey guys did you have fun today?” Jungkook asks with a smile. Suga nods his head and walks through the living room to put things up. While Jimin walks to their room. Jungkook was watching Jimin the whole time. Jimin out of the corner of his eye just nodded at Jungkook. When Jimin got to his room, he relaxed against the door.
“Why can’t I say no to him. I mean what if he tries something again? Jimin, get it together.” Jimin gives himself a pep talk and before he knows it he hears someone knocking on the door.
“Hey Jiminie you gonna let me in?” Suga shouted through the door. Jimin jumped turned around and opened the door for his partner.
“Sorry man, I didn’t realize I was blocking the door.” Jimin explained.
“No worries man, I have to go into the studio for a bit, you wanna come with or stay here?” Suga asked hoping Jimin would come with him but didn’t push it. Jimin just shakes his head.
“I’ll stay here, I need to clean our room anyway and put some things away.” Suga just nodded.
“Later.” Suga says and kisses Jimin’s cheek. Jimin smiles and nods his head, Suga turns and leaves. After a few minutes Jimin comes out of his room, Jungkook still sitting on the couch.
“You ready to go?” Jungkook asked. Jimin nodded his head and they too left.
It was a long walk, at first Jimin thought they would stop at the park close to their dorm, but Jungkook went further.
“Hey man how far are we going?” Jimin asks. Jungkook looks at Jimin with a smile.
“Just around this corner.” Jungkook said. Jungkook was going to another park that the boys rarely if ever went to so they wouldn’t be disturbed. He wanted to make sure he had Jimin all to himself.
When they reach the park, Jimin sits on the first bench he sees. Jungkook sits next to him as close as he can get without being too obvious.
“So, man what’s going on?” Jimin asks clearing his throat and not wanting to look Jungkook in the eye afraid he might catch him and do something.
“Well, hyung it’s been a few months since you confessed to me, and while you were out I went into your room and found this. Jungkook pulls out the paper and hand’s it to Jimin. Jimin didn’t know what to think first, I mean he was in his room without his permission and took something that didn’t belong to him in the first place.
“What the hell man! Why were you even in my room?” Jimin asks as he takes the paper and unfolds it. Jimin scoff’s when he reads the paper. Jungkook just shrugs his shoulders.
“I was looking for a book.” Jungkook lied.
“Do you think this means anything?” Jimin asks.
“Well, what does it say hyung, I mean you said it yourself that no one can replace me.” Jungkook says. Jimin just sighs and bows his head.
“Yeah well, someone has replaced you, not like it’s any of your business anyway Jungkook. I mean Yoongi accepted me and made me feel loved when I was thrown away. He has more hold of my heart than you ever did and remember you rejected me.” Jimin explains.
Jungkook just scoffs and see’s Jimin’s looking at him with a face of annoyance. Jungkook reacted without thinking and grabs Jimin’s face and kisses him forcefully. Jimin tries to pull away but he hasn’t been working out as much and he’s somewhat weak and exhausted from their constant schedules lately. Jungkook on the other hand is strong and over powering him.
Jimin tries to push him away but Jungkook just grabs his hands and holds them. Somehow Jimin was able to pull away from Jungkook’s mouth.
“Stop Jungkook, stop now.” Jimin tries to shout at Jungkook but Jungkook ignores him and kisses him again. Jimin bites Jungkook’s lip making Jungkook pull away and let go of his hands. Jimin gets off the bench and starts to run but is knocked down by Jungkook. Jungkook flips Jimin over and sits on his legs so he can’t get up again as he bends down kissing him again and undoing his jeans. Jimin keeps slapping Jungkook’s hands away, but with no progress.
“Jungkook, please stop it, this isn’t you, you don’t want to do this.” Jimin cries out. Jungkook still ignoring him. Tears filling Jimin’s eyes he calls out for Suga.
“YOONGI, YOONGI!” Jungkook quickly kisses Jimin on the mouth to keep him quite. When he feels he’s done screaming out Jungkook lets up.
“I told you not to underestimate me hyung, I want you Park Jimin and I will have you.” Jungkook says to Jimin. “I don’t care if you’re with Suga or not, I will make you mine.” Jungkook says as he pulls down Jimin’s jeans and underwear. Jungkook quickly undoes his jeans and pulls out his erected penis and shoves into Jimin making him scream. Jungkook pulls his shirt off and wraps it around Jimin’s mouth to muffle his screaming.
Jimin can’t believe what has possessed the golden maknae and why he would hurt him like this. Jimin closed his eyes tightly and cried for Yoongi again. With each thrust from Jungkook Jimin cried out for Yoongi, Jimin didn’t notice when it was over he just laid there rolled into a ball hugging himself crying.
Jungkook gets up and pulls his pants up. “Jimin-ah,” Jungkook leans down towards Jimin, moving his hair away out of his eyes. “Jimin-ah.” Jungkook asks again and still no response from Jimin. Jimin just keeps his eyes closed as he tries to sit up Jimin sniffs and rubs his nose with his shirt.
“Jungkook never come near me again. If you do, I’ll call the cops.” Jimin looks at Jungkook and there is pure anger on his face. Jungkook was surprised at Jimin’s words. Jungkook is about to say something when Jimin suddenly gets up and almost falls back down on the ground because his legs are weak and he’s in pain.
“Jimin hyung!” Jungkook yells. Jimin puts his hand up keeping Jungkook away. As Jungkook watches his hyung get up he looks at Jimin’s emotionless face. Jimin pulls his underwear, and jeans back up stands up straight and walks past Jungkook.
“Hyung!” Jungkook shouts, Jimin just keeps walking. Jimin looks like a zombie not paying attention to where exactly he’s walking and walks into the street and is hit by a car.
“JIMIN!!!” Jungkook screams and runs towards his hyung. The car stops immediately the driver and Suga comes out of the car. Suga can’t believe what he just saw. He hoped he was dreaming, as he got closer to the man on the street, he turns him over and realizes it’s not a dream it’s a nightmare because Jimin is laying in his arms.
“JIMIN, WAKE UP JIMIN COME ON!” Suga is yelling at Jimin, the driver is franticly dialing the medics. Jungkook comes up on Suga and Jimin. Suga looks surprised to see Jungkook.
“Why are you here?” Suga asked. Suga can’t hear Jungkook’s explanation because Jimin’s hand touches Suga’s face, Suga looks down and see’s Jimin’s smile.
“Yoongi hyung, my Yoongi I love you.” Jimin says as he closes his eyes and his hand drops from Suga’s face. Suga starts to get frantic yelling at Jimin to wake up again not to fall asleep. Jimin’s eyes open again.
“Stay with me Jimin, please stay with me don’t leave me alone. I need you.” Suga says as the medics have arrived and are trying to pull him away from Jimin so they can get him into the ambulance.
look at what you done Kookie!!!😠😭😭 you just raped Jimin😭😭😭😭 why!! please dont die Jimin😭😭
God damn it Jungkook. Ashamed, you should feel.
No!! kookie what have you done!!! 😭😭😭😭😭 Please somebody tell me this is not happening
Never mind, i found the rest! 😀
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