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You laid on his couch, flipping through a bridal fashion magazine and admiring all the looks.
“You think I could pull this off jagi?” you ask, turning the page and staring at the perfectly photoshopped bodies.
He didn’t respond.
“Namjoon,” you whine, sitting up, “Come on. You’ve been working for hours. What could you possibly be doing that requires that much attention?”
“My job,” he spits out, still not looking up. You raised your eyebrow at his attitude and ignore him.
Suddenly, Jin walks into the room and sits next to you, looking over your shoulder. You continue to flip through the magazine, going through the bridal section.
“Aren’t these pretty?” you whisper to him, admiring the lace detail on the first dress. “And the background? Those lanterns…wow…that’s a gorgeous wedding.”
He nods, slightly uninterested but pretends to be anyways.
“I can see myself in this one,” you mumble, tapping on the page next to it to show Jin. “That’s officially my dream dress.”
“That one would look pretty on you,” he compliments, causing Namjoon to slightly cock his head to the side.
“I want an outdoor wedding,” you begin fantasizing, “With flowers and tons of sunshine. You guys can sing at our wedding…and Namjoon is not allowed to pick his own outfit.”
Jin chuckles and Namjoon suddenly snaps, “Can you guys be quiet?” he hisses, “I’m writing.”
“Someone’s grumpy,” you mutter under your breath, “Sorry, geez.”
Jin holds in his laughter and tries to distract himself, looking through his phone.
“Why are you in here hyung?” he suddenly interrogates, the tips of his ears turning a bright red.
“I got bored.”
“Ok well be bored out there. I’m working since none of you want to write lyrics.”
Jin suddenly tenses and they lock eyes.
“I’m older than you, don’t talk to me like that,” he commands.
“I have work to do!”
“Namjoon,” you warn, “You’re being really rude.”
“No it’s fine, I’ll go,” Jin mutters, leaving the room and closing the door shut.
You look at Namjoon, eyebrows furrowed.
“And you,” he begins, pointing, “With your stupid magazine.”
He stands up and snatches it out your hand, throwing it onto his desk to keep it away from you, “You’re being noisy too!”
“Do NOT snatch anything out of my hand again,” you threaten, “EVER.”
“Why are you even looking through bridal magazines anyways? We’re not even engaged!”
“We’ve been dating for four years,” you spit out, “It’s one or the other at this point.”
“Which is what?”
“We get married or we break up.”
“Well if you keep acting the way you have today, it’ll probably be the latter,” he shoots back, a definite low blow.
“Excuse me? How have I been acting?”
“Annoying, distracting, a slew of other things. Can you just let me work for once?! In peace? Seriously! That’s all I want!”
“Namjoon you’ve ignored me for two weeks now because of work! You need to relax a bit! The lack of sleep and stress is turning you into an asshole!”
“You’re talking about marriage yet you can’t even support me in my toughest weeks?” he questions hastily, his eyes darkening, “Seriously?”
“It’s not like that! I support you 100% but all you’ve been doing is work! Take a breather!”
“I could have taken a breather a long time ago if you weren’t always bothering me! You’re really bothering me you know? I ask you once! And you kept talking!”
“Oh I’m sorry commander, I didn’t realize I had to listen to every word you say!”
“That’s not what I’m saying!”
“I know what you’re saying! You’re telling me to shut up!” you reply, trying to hold back from yelling further.
“Y/N you—”
“So you call me annoying, a distraction and - on top of that - you imply that we’ll break up. Why am I with you again?” you question, trying to hold back your tears.
“I never said any of that.”
“Yes you did. Don’t try and take it back now. It’s too late.”
“You’re just making me loose focus! That’s it!”
“Namjoon,” you begin, taking a deep breath, “Ok fine. I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I actually care about you and try to help you destress. I’m sorry that I came here, hoping I could lend you some type of help only to be shut down and told to be quiet at least a dozen times. Or be told to go read a magazine like I was some little child that needed distracting! And I’m sorry that I apparently haven’t been the best girlfriend to you at all. But you know what, if that’s how you feel, I should leave.”
“No Y/N I—”
“I wasn’t even going to bring this up but our anniversary was TWO days ago! Did you even remember?”
His face showed no type of emotion and instead, he digs his hands through his pocket, touching something.
“I can’t believe you,” you mutter, “That you have the audacity to sit here and tell me I’m not supportive when you can’t even support your own relationship!”
“No don’t say anything! I wouldn’t want to distract you from your precious song.”
You turn around and storm out the studio, slamming the door shut behind you.
He lets out a huff of air, running his fingers through his hair and collapsing in his chair. Shortly after, he hears knocks on the door.
“Hyung?” Taehyung calls out cautiously, poking his head in.
“What?” he replies, rubbing his face in frustration, “What do you want?”
“…she’s gone…and she’s really mad at you…”
“I know she is.”
“So then what are you going to do?”
Namjoon pulls out the small box he had in his pocket, opening it up and revealing the ring inside.
“I don’t know…”
“Well you should apologize quick hyung…you’ve been putting off proposing for a long time.”
He stares at the ring, carefully touching it so it wouldn’t get any fingerprint marks on it.
“I’m just nervous.”
“So you yell at her?”
“I’m just nervous and stressed,” he adds on, correcting himself.
“She walked out telling us she has no idea why she dated you for so long…”
He groans in frustration and puts the ring back into the box, staring at it.

Credits: ParkJiminsFineA**

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wait, that's it??? please don't let it end like that!!😭
this is going to continue right!? You cant work me up and then end it....i need a smooth finish. come on now, i know im not the only one 😊😉
Namjoon oppa!!! "Dasi run run run!!!!" Like right now!!!! Go!!!!!
Oh look.....I'm drowning in a pool of my own tears......what's that? Oh it's my heart.....why does it look so beat up? Oh because feels......
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