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Sorry for the late update. I've been sick and work is a hassle anyways hope you like the third chapter.
What? Top asked shocked. I do roll that way and I'm sorry for slapping you. I didn't mean to it just happened, G Dragon said avoiding eye contact. Top hesitantly walks towards G Dragon then stops in front of him. So? Did you like the kiss? Top asked teasingly causing G Dragon to blush. I didn't say that! G Dragon shot back. So you didn't like the kiss? Top asked. I didn't say that either, G Dragon said. G Dragon stood there blushing trying not to panic at what Top asked. Which one is---- Top didn't have time to finish his question before G Dragon kissed him. I couldn't hold back anymore I wanted to do this for so long. If he pushes away that's fine as long as I know I got to kiss him first for once, G Dragon thought to himself. What's happening? Did he seriously just kiss me? Is this real or is my mind playing tricks on me? Top thought as he stood there frozen in shock from the sudden kiss. G Dragon wrapped his arms around Tops neck pulling him in closer. Top finally realizing this was real wrapped his arms around G Dragon waist and started to kiss G Dragon back. He didn't push away. This is actually happening. Would this be safe? What if it happens again? No! I can't, G Dragon finished out loud breaking their kiss. I'm sorry, G Dragon whispered. What's wrong? Top asked as he saw G Dragon start to cry. Nothing I'm fine, G Dragon replied. Are you sure? Top asked worriedly. Yes, G Dragon said. Top could tell G Dragon was lying so he wrapped his arms around G Dragon and hugged him. Taeyang walked into the studio and saw Top hugging G Dragon and G Dragon crying. Taeyang immediately got angry. What did you do to him! Taeyang asked angrily. I didn't do anything, I promise, Top said putting his hands up in surrender. Don't giving me that crap why the hell is he crying then? I see only one more person in this room and I know I didn't make him cry, Taeyang yelled. Taeyang, G Dragon said as he stopped crying. What is it? Taeyang replied. He didn't do anything. It was bad memories, G Dragon said. After what G Dragon said Taeyang automatically knee why he was crying. Sorry Top but you have to go, Taeyang said as he pushed Top out the door. Top stood outside the door for a moment wondering what just happened and why did he have to leave. So are you finally gonna tell me what happened now? Taeyang asked.
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