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Hey there everyone! Finally getting around to the day 6 prompt, which is what anime clichés I hate the most. So what I think I'll do for this one is just highlight 4 different clichés that I hate the most. Getting images for these are gonna be a bit of a challenge and they'll have to represent things I hate so it won't really be fun either lol. I think this will be interesting though, a good way for everyone to vent about the stuff that really grinds our gears. I'm sure we also all have A LOT more than just a few each but I want to keep it a bit constrained, especially considering how behind I am on these. In my Waifu Wednesdays posts, I actually highlighted one of the clichés I'm not predisposed too, and that being the harem cliché so that'll be my first. The second will be the accidental groping, trip and fall innapropriate touching crap, and then third the obnoxiously large stupid unreal breast physics, and the fourth will be the whole liking food to look like sucking a dick and excessive nosebleeds in response to sexual innuendo. Fair warning, some of the gifs I found might be a little inappropriate, they just represented this crap the best, so please don't hold any of this against me. (yeah there's a joke about the obnoxiously big boobs and that phrase, but eh)
First off for hated clichés is the harem cliche. We all know and have seen this in some aspect or another, even if you've never seen an anime from the genre(yeah it was such a thing they made an entire genre dedicated to it), a lot of anime's have some aspect of it in some form. I hate it so much because I really feel like it's overdone, especially in anime's not classified in the genre. I mean if you watch one in the genre, what can you expect, and I've seen some I don't hate, or even some i really like such as High School DxD this show is kind of my exception. It was funny and had great writing so I let it go. but still. Another reason I can't stand it is because I feel like writers go out of their way to include elements in a show that it has no business in and it sullies genuine romantic connection. Like in Sword Art Online for example, this show by no means is a harem, and Kirito and Asuna love the crap out of each other and yet, every single fucking chick that Kirito comes into contact with wants his nuts. Not only is this completely unrealistic, but chicks he's taken, back off. Find a single man for Christ's sake. I don't understand why they needed to make all the girls love him. it does nothing to establish his awesomeness, which was done without that, and by Asuna falling in love with him, it leads to unrealistic drama and bullshit that feels forced and undynamic, and is just something anyone trying to get into anime is gonna have qualms with. SAO and stories like those would be way better off without harem aspects. If that's what your into cool, put it in the genre and watch em, but don't sully my true romance or my action or psychological anime with this junk.
The second cliché that bugs me is the whole "oh no I'm falling down, as a dude, I'm gonna totally run into a girl, and feel her up but accidently and everyone's gonna feel real awkward and weird and we are gonna spend a whole five fucking minutes of cinematography and dialogue wasting on this stupid thing." I've been alive a long time never in all my life have I ever seen this happen, had it happen to me, or done it to anyone eles. But watch the first episode of literally almost any fucking anime and here ya go! Going along with this is the sexual fanservice that almost exclusively relies on this trope to give a panty shot or sexual tension. It's stupid, if two characters like each other, let someone make a move on their own damn accord not by some unreal overused accident that never actually would happen ever anywhere else. One of those gifs above is of Meliodus from the Seven Deadly Sins groping Elizabeth, at least there he's doing it on purpose. dude is a perv but not on accident which shit, ill take it over all the other crap. Oh and the guys just keep squeezing like they have no idea what a breast is, dude, if it happens get the fuck off, don't make it worse and apoligize like a man. then, later, when she's more into you, ask if you can and don't trip stupid idiot..
This one is one of my least favorites.. all these gifs by the way, literally first page Google responses, not hard to find at all..which maybe the should be. The whole obnoxiously large boobs and completely unreal movement physics. Jesus..I don't even know if you guys can't tell I'm not happy swearing like a sailor and just getting worked up. I'm a guy but, I like girls with proportional sized chests that accentuate her body. A lithe petite frame with an B cup C cup tops would be my most attractive body type, these little 16 yr olds with fucking DD'S bouncing around like gravity doesn't apply to big ass boobs is dumb. I just would hate to meet the perv that's just into this and only this sized boobs and want it in their shows. It's just, unreal, it makes people reluctant to get into anime cuz they think it's just for weirdos who like this shit. I hate it, wish we could do away with it you want it, you like it, go watch it in some porn get it out of my stories I want to like but I gotta get all hung up on your bullshit you think I want. I dont. You hear me animators!!?? CUT IT OUT!
Okay for the last cliché I can't fucking stand imma combine two and be done with this. The whole giving a girl something to suck on and spend way to much time to make it look like she's doing filatio. Gross guys, I don't get turned on when a girl eats a popsicle, or bananna or something it's actually kinda gross in real life and the same in anime. If your gonna do that, might as well just show the real fucking deal at least it would be applicable. no girl walks around school trying to look like a hoe sucking down her food. most girls don't like to have anyone see them eating let alone make a fucking cock tease of it. Ugh, it has its place in porn, if that's why you want to see it be my guest but stop putting it where it doesn't fucking belong and then the nosebleeds the dudes have in response to all this shit. when has sex or complete lack there of, just fucking innuendo ever given any male a fucking nosebleed? never, ever. is when. and the fact they go so over the top with it, uh yeah you'd be dead or passed out stupid losing that much blood. I just don't get it, especially since all the perv MCS want this crap, then when they see it, they lose their shit and bleed out of their face. Oh yeah man, now she wants you, you just tripped, groped her for 3 minutes, acted like a dumb ass that's never seen a girl before, her boobs are 90 times bigger then she is, they jiggle for the whole 3 minutes and now your face is bleeding. *sloe claps* well done douche, now she wants you. ugh I okay that's it I'm done with this lol. I didn't like this one guys. just sayin now I need a smoke a beer and to stay away from anime for a minute. imma do pushups and shit to.
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