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thanks to @MarrickeJ33 for being so sweet and sharing your snaps with me L.A crowd slay tonight even putting surprise guess in awe ChaCha Yultron Mario and BenBaller
Though everyone foresaw ChaCha showing up and possible Yultron to perform Mario and Benballer pop up in the backstage room though. Heck even our beloved youtuber JRE went and met the crew..
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I'm so upset...cha cha was there ....and honey cocaine was there backstage ....and yultron ... why me
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I wish I could of went ;-;
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@Jiyongixoxo Omg yes!! And Yultron is such a sweetheart too. so is cha cha 馃挏
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How many boys from kpop groups have sc and what r the names? Or...
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@EmmaJolie oooo i like this one hehe that a great question xD
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