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OMG what a day! This is my first card ever so please bare with me. I just had such a great time I had to share a few pics.
First off is Simon. Wow he killed it tonight. He's slowly becoming my favorite AOMG member. Jay Park has always been the one for me but man there's something about Simon D. When I was standing next to him for the picture it slipped out of my mouth and I told him I was so nervous. He smiled and asked "why are you nervous?" then he leaned his arm on my shoulder I seriously died lol by the way check out a glimpse of Kenny in the video at the end. My brother and I had the pleasure of taking the group photo with Jre and Kenny from YouTube
Gray... everytime I say your name I seem always whisper it lol. He was handsome as always. I didn't get to take many pics of him though. Had to decide between taking pics or turning up lol
Loco wow. it's no wonder you won Show Me The Money. He so cute and charismatic. He's just full of charm. I enjoyed his performance as well
Jay..... oh Jay this is the second time I get to shake your hand and see you in concert. You never disappoint. By his first song we wanted his clothes to come off already lol
I had such a great time and none of the boys disappointed despite Jay and Simon being sick (probably from partying too hard lol) I will forever cherish tonight. Shout out to Jre and Kenny for chatting with us and practically spending the whole concert with us. Very chill guys and so friendly. Enjoy your stay in LA! Now off I go to pack my luggage as I leave tomorrow and get to see AOMG again in Seattle. I'll try posting more pics/videos when I get back.
glad you had fun! I was at the Houston show and i feel your struggle with Simon Jay's always been number one for years but at the show Simon killed it! seriously did amazing and his charisma is insane and loco.....he's soo cute yet killed every song I loved his performance
@Jiyongixoxo Yes! when Simon D is up on stage he's just a boss and he knows it too. Those looks he gives man idk how many times I died during his performance. His smile is so perfect lol I feel the same way with loco. He soooo cute but kills it every time