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Hello and Welcome!
Are you ready for teaser (2/5)? I hope so! Because I did not hold back on this one! Please thank ---> @KpopBeat for 'motivating' me to do so. ;)
Missed teaser (1/5)? I got chu! :*
Why am I reviewing the teasers? Well because they have crucial clues for figuring out who the bias is.... ;)
If you haven't casted your vote for who you think the bias is, please go to the season finale and cast your vote!
Other than that, please enjoy!
“Are you sure you enjoy it?” he asks, fully immersed with curiosity as soon as you're a distance away from the restaurant.
“Yes oppa, it was delicious.”
“Really? Because it didn't look like you enjoyed that ice cream,” he tilts his head to look at you as you let out a soft giggle.
“Oppa, stop! It was all delicious! Even though you kept trying to take it from me, thank you for buying me food,” you turn away to hide your growing smile.
<<I'll enjoy anything as long as I'm with you like this.>>
“Penny for your thoughts?” his voice enters your head.
You snap back into focus, “what? Oh uh, it's a bit chilly....” <<Phew, that was close.>>
“I don't doubt it, you're dressed in that monkey suit today,” he chuckles.
“Yaa! This is professional attire for work! You wear stuff like this too!” you argue back while a light pink shade blooms in your cheeks. "I didn't expect to go out to dinner after work today or else I would have changed into something more casual."
He snorts, “Kinda felt like a date since you look nice and all.”
<<A date!?>> You force a laugh to hide your embarrassment, “more like an interview since I look more authoritative than you like this.”
He laughs too, “An interview? And the interviewee bought you dinner? What is this then, a bribe for the job?”
“No!” You laugh and lightly punch his arm, “it's not like that.”
He smiles, “yaa, don't do that, it makes me nervous, especially since you're wearing heels.”
You pat the spot where you had hit him and glance up to smile at his gentle face, “it was just that night. Don't worry about me, you've got too much on your hands.”
He sighs and shakes his head, “don't do that either.”
“Do what?”
He stops abruptly, throwing you off guard as you stumble to a halt but reaches out just in time and brings you in into his arms to stabilize your balance.
“See? What did I tell you? You're making me nervous over here with your clumsiness.”
“That was your fault! You stopped walking out of the blue!”
You try to pull back to look up at him but he holds on to you tighter, relaxing his body against yours. Your arms reach up and wrap themselves around him too as you breath in his heavenly scent. <<Dear God, please let me stay like this forever. Just let me melt into him like this. I'm begging please!>>
“What are you waiting for?” he breathes softly, low enough to come off as an airy whisper.
You finally manage to look up, “Hmmm?”
His hands slide up to either side of your face, holding you steady as he leans in when you look up and presses his lips against yours.
Your mind blanks out, but your heart responds with plenty of loud thuds. The warmness of his hands on your burning cheeks making you feel over heated while every ounce of oxygen slips out of your lungs. Your knees begin to tremble, causing you to lean further into him in order to support yourself up.
He pulls back slowly and smirks, “because I chickened out the last time you were in my arms like this.”
Wut? :O
Another meme to ease the kiss! :D Well, not really a meme but omo! Which member could you be kissing? ;3
(Can we stop to appreciate TOP and his incredible kissing skills? #Uberjelly)
Whoo! 3 more teasers to go through! Remember that Season 2 will be released on Monday, May 2nd! Mark your calendars and prepare your feels!! :D
Have I altered who you think the bias is? Well I regret nothing! :*
See you all on Thursday for teaser #3!
Thank you!
Tagging my Foreign Flower squadeu!!
If you do not see your name on here and wish to be tagged, let me know! :D
If you do see your name on here and wish to be removed, let me know.... :c
the anticipation is worse the waiting for a bts to finally debut after months of teasing. girl I'm gonna freak if you end up teasing us again and do a third season
@Sailynn stop it or else I will take away Ur sticker!! 😭😭 next around be clearer - look UP.. 😭😝😵😂
Please please this is killing me 😭❤️
@KDSnKJH i was giggling so bad with @sailynn 's stickers in the elevator leaving work, ppl were giving me looks.. Wait... he's sooooo concern about the ice cream... maybe it's TOP afterall? 😝😝
P.S. @katyng52 - she only scores 1/2 a sticker cuz this is a teaser!
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