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Hello and Welcome!
Teaser #3 ready to go underway! Hope you're ready for another shot of feels! ;3
Missed the previous puzzle pieces? I got chu! :*
Hope it's helping determine who the bias is!
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Without further ado, please, enjoy!
“This just in, a member of YG's BigBang was spotted buying a large bouquet of flowers at a local florist shop.”
Your head jerks up with full attention towards the television. <<What?>>
“Funny you say that since there has been rumors that on of the members has a girlfriend that's yet to be revealed, or confirmed by YG. They're getting pretty good at keeping secrets don't you think?” one of the other hosts chuckles.
“I envy that girl. But then again, if the Netizens take it too harshly, it can end sour,” a third comments.
“Have any of them been spotted with a girl recently? I can't think of anyone right now.” the original host says.
“Do we have a confirmation on which member it was?”
“Yes we do, let me just-”
The sound of metal scraping metal reaches your ear, making you realize it was a key being inserted into the key slot. You panic and reach forward for the remote control, changing the channel to another one just in time.
“Hey,” you hear behind you. You turn your head and instantly notice the bouquet of flowers in his hand.
“Hey,” you respond, not taking your eyes off the flowers.
“What are you up to?” he closes the door behind him and removes his shoes, all while without letting go of the flowers.
<<Oh crap, oh crap. Act cool, act cool. He doesn't know you're on to him....>> “Not much, just finishing up some work, how about you?”
He smiles, “nothing much either, just enjoying the nice sunshine.”
You nod your head, “Cool..... flowers you got there.”
<<Damnit, why did you have to bring it up?! Aishh I'm such an idiot!>>
He blushes and raises the flowers to observe them, “yeah, they caught my eye and somehow convinced me to bring them home....” his voice trails off as his cheeks tell another story. “I love flowers.”
“Me too,” you smile, touched by his sweet train of thought. You set your things on the side and stand up, walking over to him to take the flowers in your hands in order to inhale their sweet scent.
He beams at the flowers,“You think so? I've seen more gorgeous ones.”
You giggle, rubbing one of the petals gently with your fingers, “Enlighten me with where and when.”
He looks up at you and catches your gaze, “uhm....”
UHM...?!!!!! IS THAT ALL WE GET???
Hehehehe yes. :3
Whoo! 2 more teasers to suffer through!
Er- I mean, enjoy through!
Hope your calendar is marked for May 2nd!
How are your guesses coming along? Figured out who the bias is?
I regret nothing! ;*
See you all on Monday for the 4th teaser!
Tagging all my Foreign Flower squadeu!
If you do not see your name on here and wish to be tagged, let me know! :D
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Okay, I've got this figured out - it's Taeyang. Or DaeSung. Or maybe GD..... possibly T.O.P...... or it could be Seungri. Yep, it is DEFINITELY one of those... 😉😧😭
Why so many teaser!!!😩 I'm dying to know who it is!!!😭 In the bright side there is only 2 more teasers to go 😏
I've no clue anymore and I don't care!!! 😩😩😩 That first chapter better say right off the bat who it is doh 😭🙏🙇💔
I already know who he is...did I see the word up?! I am confiscating ur stickers!!! 😭😭😭
Nope, nope, nope!!! Just, nope!!! NOPE, HELL NO!!!! Nope!!!!!
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