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Que tal peeps!

Idk if you heard about ppl going nuts about Kai smoking and kissing. Personally, I don't see what the big deal is...he's an adult and in a relationship. What do young men with money do...especially when they have a girlfriend? Some may argue oh Jessamine well your American blah blah. Well, normal Korean young males Kai's age do the same thing...smoke and if they had a cute girlfriend..they make out too. Let him live a bit.
Omgeee smoking noo I can't accept smoking I am sorry when ppl give excuses saying its ok just because they are adults no its not I am sorry I lost 2 of my close love ones due to smoking and its painful , I am definitely fine with having a relationship and him doing things couple does but smoking I know if I say it might not matter but please don't smoke take care of yourself please Kai we love you , please don't take it as I am nagging it hurts please don't smoke Kai take care of yourself love you <3 lots.
The bigger issue here is that someone is actually stalking him to get him into a controversy shitstorm. Wth?
my only problem is his smoking because he is a very famous idol he's a singer and smoking is bad for the voice and lungs and just overall health and also ik many people look up to him as a role model and yes he's an adult and can do what he pleases cuz they're his choices but he's also in the spotlight and his choices affect others as well so him smoking sets a bad picture and standard for his younger fans that strive to be like him and look up to him I may not agree with his smoking but I'm fine with his relationship I just want him to stay healthy and to make good choices but its his life and I'm no one to judge him for the voices he makes as long as this makes him happy and he understands the risks and consequences of his choices and is fine with them than that's alright I just wish him the best and hope his vocals and health will be alright
Real or Not who the hell cares....I'm sorry but I honestly don't care if he smokes drinks or has a gf. He is a grown ass man doing grown ass things. Let me know if he is hurt hospitalized or something of that nature,but please don't tell me about the things that are pretty common with relationships. I want to know about his future plans with the group,a solo perhaps,that's news this is bull-crap
love the fact he's happy with someone really i hope they last long. just i cant with the fact he smokes i hate that why he was one of my favorite. it ruins him so much a a singer like future affects
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