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Que tal peeps!

Idk if you heard about ppl going nuts about Kai smoking and kissing. Personally, I don't see what the big deal is...he's an adult and in a relationship. What do young men with money do...especially when they have a girlfriend? Some may argue oh Jessamine well your American blah blah. Well, normal Korean young males Kai's age do the same thing...smoke and if they had a cute girlfriend..they make out too. Let him live a bit.
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men think about sex, kissing, providing, looking cool, and stress...... regardless of status, income, religion, ethnicity, nationality, or sexual orientation. It is natural human instinct. When you remember how human you are for judging, maybe you'll remember how human he is for living.
sorry for the rant, it wasn't directed at any individual, just the general group of those who have him on a pedestal.
@LunaCordero exactly there are a lot of idol that smoke. But they make a big deal out of it when someone like Kai does it
the controversy is due to the fact that he is an Idol. Korea has some very strict rules against smoking and PDA Japanese Idol groups deal with the same rules.
each Idol (Japan or Korea) has to put on a good face for their country. they literally represent it.