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But this is just wrong... I don't even really know Exo nor it's members other than Kai, Baekhyun, Kris and some named Lay... I only know OF Kris because he shares the same name as my deceased baby brother Kristopher Lynn, Kai because of SHINee's Lee Taemin, Baekhyun because of him being referred to as TaeTae's "mother" and Lay because of the second SHINee fanfic I ever stumbled upon due to the relationship Taemin had with Kai... So I know I am not knowledgeable about Kai but I do however know enough to stick up for him... He is human... Enough said...
So I did this...
I do not have a Tag list for Exo nor do I plan on having one in the near future... Maybe one day when I get into Exo perhaps but until then... I am tagging my close Kpop Family... @SugaOnTop, @MadAndrea, @amobigbang, @PrincessUnicorn, @CreeTheOtaku, @VKookie47, @VixenViVi
Please tell me someone reported this page. -.-*
why is it when an idol wants to be happy someone wants to come around bash em?! and u call yourselves fans...😒
You did the right thing. No celebrity should receive this kind of hate. Especially not an acceptable and exceptional beautiful dancer that is Kai of EXO. Heirs human just like all of us and he does not deserve to be put down like this, no one does. He deserves to be loved and blessed with the fans that he has as well as his peers and mentors. Whoever this person is, he is nothing but a piece of his mother's flesh and deserves to be dead and burned into ashes in the wild. Peace out EXO-Ls! Kim Jongin we love you!
that's messed up. I'm happy that got reported. when I get into Exo I'll pay lots of attention to Kai
WHAT THE HELL okay I know not everyone is going to love Exo or any of the guys as much as I do but it's so wrong to pick on Kai because he is a human being just like all of us trying to make the most out of his life and this goes for every idol who gets picked on its unjust and hurtful
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