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Warning: Story contains minor violence and suicidal thoughts/actions, as well as some language. Reader discretion is advised

Parts: Previous Part; Six Next Part; Eight Reapers: Disease: TaeHyung Suicide: YoonGi Age: Jin Murder: Hobi Natural Causes: Jimin Natural Disaster: JungKook Death: NamJoon
The crowd pulsed around you, dancing and breathing in sync with each other. Hands teaching high as if they anticipated to touch the sky. Lights of different colors swirled around creating shadows and sharp angles to everything. With this many people, this amount of movement, they couldn't find you. With more alcohol in your system then any normal person could withstand, you pushed further into the crowd. Your body moved with the music, swaying with every movement of the crowd. Running from a pack of reapers was exhausting on the mind and body, your soul was tired. It was very hard to keep something from calling them, much less keeping track of something you had very little control over. "Stop running." His voice echoes in your head, vibrating you down to the core. "Leave me alone Hobi. Just all of you, please just let me live what life I have left." All plans of escaped twarted when your back pressed to the brick like wall of someone's chest. "You have to stop sometime." His hands were at your waist, holding you in place. Your breath hitching as his hand found the small patch of exposed skin at your waist. "Stop running," His grip tightened, fingers digging into your hip bones ",dance with me." Hobi was gone, merging back with crowd. You turned to face the reaper that wasn't letting go. "YoonGi, please just let me go." But his fingers only dug into your skin more and he pulled you to his chest. "Just one dance." YoonGi's plea tickled across your ear. Suddenly the DJ came over the speakers and announced a special guest. The crowd went wild, no longer moving in sync. They were shoving against one another, trying to get closer to the stage. "YoonGi, what's going on?" Your hands twisted in his shirt, trying to hold on and not be sucked away. "Hobi's song of death."
omg. why are you so amazIng. if hobi's song of death is anything like a sirens call I'm scared for everyone.
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