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Gajeel x Levy
Natsu x Lucy
Kaori x Kousei
nagisa x tomoya
ed x winry
Naruto x Hinata
Rikka x Yutta
now pick your favorite ship and for fun would you take any of these people for waifu/husbando (my favorite is Rikka and Yutta just cause its a crazy ride for them)
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nalu and naruhina would be interesting, I would choose either of them. Cause I love them both, so who ever wins this couple fight would be my favorite
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Definitely NarutoxHinata, or NaruHina. My sound like a typical fan, but with how they developed through the story and how the pair, love that ship.
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@BlackDragon88 but also I reeeeeally like the EdxWinry ship.
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Nagisa and Tomoya!
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