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hmm... First,I'm university student.However,i have worried about my situation.Currently.i should study and make a money.I'm so tired.Next year,i hope exchange sudent and i'm going to foreign.But i have problem. the problem is girlfriend,money,parents and so. One of the problem is girlfriend. she don't like about it.But i will go there. what can i do? if you have a gorlfriend, will you study at abroad?
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I think it can work if you are dedicated to making it work. If you're studying abroad, it should be just a few months, right? Talk to your girlfriend and plan how things will work out. For example, dedicating time every day to video chat, message each other consistently, maybe write letters, ect Come up with an agreement.
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Yes,i agree opinion of you . thanks you
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As long as you find time for both her and school and have a device that can video chat you should have no problem
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