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The Nakama Campfire challenge is winding down, and today we're sharing our journeys to Vingle Anime. Based on a similar discussion we had in the Marvel Community, I think a lot of our stories will be pretty similar!
I was scrolling through Facebook when an ad for Vingle kept showing up. The app was advertised as a Japanese Learning app, so after seeing it so many times, I decided to check it out. Though I have picked up a little Japanese, what I found instead was this magical anime haven! I was a little confused at first, but after exploring for a bit, I got the gist of it and began liking cards and filing them to be more organized by clipping. I don't exactly remember what happened in what order, but I think next I figured out how to change my profile pic and username.
As for my user name, I decided to stick with a gamer tag I'd come up with over the summer formulated from 3 of my top fandoms (if you figure out the other 2 you get an imaginary cookie!) Initially I was gonna go with Prof Stein as my pic, but since my username is unisex, I figured I should probably go with a female character, so I changed it to Lucy, my result for a Fairy Tail personality quiz, and later changed it to Sheele from Akame Ga Kill! for a while. I later made it an image of the phrase "it's funnier in Enochian" written in Circular Gallifreyan (don't worry if you don't get it; it's not anime related) for a hot second before settling on my current image of chibi Erika Karisawa.
At some point I figured out that the Vingle Anime app I had downloaded was only a limited subset of Vingle, so I switched to the full app and joined other communities, but my feed is still overwhelmingly dominated by anime (not that I have a problem with that!)
I'm still mostly an observer and a commenter, but I have amassed 35 collections, including my own Crossover Connections collection which is pretty limited currently but is my pride and joy! I want to try to be more active, especially for the 31 of you that actually decided to follow my collections!

Don't forget the best part: YOU!

So that's how I got to Vingle, but what made it stick is all of you guys! At first I wasn't sure how to conduct myself, but now I feel totally comfortable just being my weird self in all of my glory! I've had so much fun discussing anime, and sometimes other things, with all of you! You're all so awesome and enthusiastic and inclusive, and even though there are disagreements sometimes, I don't think I ever see anyone get mean or hostile, which, in this day and age where everyone is so touchy about everything, is really impressive! Though we may never meet, I truly feel that I've found my Nakama, and I'm so glad I found this beautiful corner of the internet!
You're right, most of us seem to have similar stories. Thank you Facebook
yep twinsies. @JessicaFerrier yep, the one good thing facebook ever did, tell me about Vingle