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The wind will always blow somewhere and the people we love are bound to leave some day bound to dissapoint us in some way as they are also blown by a wind of their own haunted some of the time caressed the other never left alone as if an obsession but we are not it's slave as we also do not belong to ourselves we may think we have come to grasp it capture it control it but it is not for us to tame it is not for us to assume it's course or will it to follow ours We are but tiny seeds spread across the face of the earth and where we start growing is not as important as what we grow into If we blame the soil or the wind or the lack of sunshine or the over-abundace of rain we will be excluded from the harvest and grow in shallow rocky roads in vain cracking through the soil but never bearing anything of worth The seed which grows stronger and greener no matter the sound of the wind or the rain will blossom and flourish and bathe in the sunlight it meets daily