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Do you feel like your hair need an upgrade but you still haven't master how to braid? Here's a simple way to give your ponytail some oomph without adding on accessories. Thanks to Truelane for this simple tutorial!
This is one of my favorite style to rock and here's a secret....It looks better with second day hair! Simply mist on dry shampoo near the crown to give your roots a lift!
@Animaniafreak So for this particular style you would need to tie your hair in a ponytail first (mid-section only, while leaving the left and right loose). Crisscross it and secure the ends with an elastic as shown above. You could also tuck it in like you said but since I like a messier i normally tease it and blend it with the rest of the ponytail.
how do you hide ends of the crossed hair? just tuck under your ponytail where the elastic band is?