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With the (Link here->) Wattpad version I have a YouTube video to listen while reading each chapter so here you go!!!
Meetings, signings, singing, concerts, reality shows. The same old same old. Man this was really starting to bite. JiYong sighed as he carefully stuck his loose music sheets into his music book. He wanted what he read in books; love, passion and adventure. Maybe not so much the adventure part but the love and passion was a definite. He didn't just want to sing or rap about it. He wasn't going to lie, he did enjoy his celebrity life. He was living his dream, making people happy with his music. But; still, there was something missing. He could sing about love but he wanted to experience it. He wanted to know what that kind of high felt like. A pair of sunbaes were getting married, the bride to be had never looked more beautiful and the groom to be had never looked so handsome. Love did to people. Or so he heard. Looking at the clock on the wall he still had a few hours until he had to actually go to sleep but exhaustion was evident and he was glad that he had gotten work done early. It was time for a well-deserved long sleep. He climbed into his bed he hadn't really used in a while due to late night works at the studio. Getting comfortable he sighed as he closed his eyes and began to drift off into dreamland. "Hyung!" A voice woke him from his slumber. He groaned. Again he saw a woman with clear blue eyes and a enchanting smile in his dream. He had been seeing her in his dreams for awhile now. "Hyung!" the voice exclaimed yet again. He peeked one eye open to see Daesung's bright cheerful face hovering inches over his. Quickly closing his eye again he groaned and rolled over. "Go away Dae. I am sleeping." JiYong said hoping his favorite sun would do as he asked. Unfortunately the ever sunny male sat on the edge of his bed and leaned over him saying, "Hyung, Seungri was called in to YG papa's office." JiYong groaned as he shifted over to his back. "What for this time?" Daesung frowned as he thought about it. He couldn't think of anything the maknae had done. Well lately anyways. "Unless he did something we don't know of, I have no idea. I thought he had been doing pretty good lately." JiYong nodded in agreement. The maknae had been pretty, hmm was tame the right word?, well whatever it should be called Seungri was doing it well lately. "What time is it and if it is before 9, you are dead Dae." JiYong growled. Daesung laughed and with a "Catch ya later!" swiftly took off shutting the door to JiYong's room softly. JiYong looked at his clock and groaned. Just WHAT HAD Seungri done to have YG papa calling him in at 4 am? Further more WHY was Daesung up this early? JiYong knew Daesung was an early riser but 4 am was ridiculous. Better yet why was YG papa for that matter. He swore the people around him were crazy. JiYong rolled over and hoping to catch the blue eyed beauty dream he drifted back to sleep. ~~Previous Evening In Daegu~~ Jae-won sat nervously at the cafe table. It was a nice little place. Nowhere near as fancy as the place his sister and Min-ah had gone earlier today. He had received a text from her asking him to meet her here and so without even asking why he had agreed. Had his sister finally told Min-ah? What if this ruined their friendship? So many questions ran through his mind but they all stopped the minute she walked into the cafe and smiled at him. Time froze as it always did to him when she smiled that radiantly beautiful smile. She sat down across from him and picked up the menu in front of her. "Oppa, did you already order what you wanted? Or were you waiting for me?" Min-ah asked him. "She called me oppa! SHE CALLED ME OPPA!" His brain screamed. Of course she had referred to him as oppa before when she was talking about him, but she had never actually addressed his as such. His heart was racing. He didn't know what to say but what spilled out next he immediately regretted. "Why are you calling me oppa? You never did before." his foremost thought presented itself in voice. He was immediately appalled by himself and went to apologize when she just threw him another heartwrenching smile that silenced him. "I happened to over hear you and Min-yuk oppa talking. Since when did you liked me and when did it change from like to love. How did you know it was love?" Min-ah confessed then followed it up with innocent questions that just made Jae-won's heart thump harder. "From the moment Min-yuk introduced us I liked you. I don't know when it exactly changed from simply liking you to loving you but sometime in middle school I realized one day I was in love with you when you started dating that jerkwad of a jock. I knew it was love when I knew I would do anything, and I mean anything for you, and always wanted you happy." Jae-won immediately replied in an honest and emotion filled voice. "Oppa, I don't think I love you." Min-ah said. Jae-won's heart dropped. "But. If you were to ask me to date you I wouldn't say no. So that means I like you a bit yes? Like could still turn into love right?" Min-ah said with a blush. Jae-won's heart felt like it was going to fly right out of his chest. "Min-ah, date with me? I mean girl mine will you be? Uh I mean... Please be mine?" He gushed out in almost incoherent rambles. Min-ah laughed with glee. The Jae-won she saw be so sauve to customers was a mess in front of her. And it was because of her. She felt so special. "Yes, Jae-won Oppa. I will be your girlfriend." Min-ah replied. She knew she didn't love him but she respected him a lot and admired his character. Love would come eventually right?
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@kokoroNoTakara Omg! 😨 is this gonna be like an "indecent proposal" kind of thing 🤔. I can't wait for all the angst! 😆
If in all the time they knew each other she didn't see him as a man that won't change. But, at least, he will have his chance and I won't have second lead syndrome 😆.
tag please
@RedChord Nvm I just Google Drive it... Sounds interesting... Might use an aspect or two but... No it shouldn't be angsty... I don't do angsty well...
@RedChord Indecent Proposal???
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