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Introduce you chapulines!

Would you try something like this?
Here are the results:
Good - 7
Gross - 5

Looks like a lot of mix results, but it looks like a CONCHA BURGER IS BEES KNEES!


Would you try chapulines?

Chapulines are a traditional Oaxacan snack. It's grasshopper fried in chili, garlic and lime. @hhead232 wrote a card about chapulines awhile ago.
They're crunchy but not too crunchy it's not as crunchy as a tortilla chip the crunch is more like chomping on a piece of well cooked popcorn. It's better if you take the legs off if you're not used to them because the legs tend to break off the body while you're chewing it.
I had dried out grasshopper, tasted just like sunflower seeds..they were hollow pero fried grasshopper idk. maybe it will be better bc it's fried. (I'll pass though, not feeling jumpy)
@Animaniafreak yeah i think i'd definitely eat them in a survival case (prolly easier than fishing or hunting). but i think i'd also at least try these once under normal circumstances lol
@drummergirl691 would you eat the grasshopper cooked without any of the seasonings?
Naw fam lol
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