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Hello Nakama

Day 14 of Nakama Campfire Challenge and it's a good one today!

Why do you Vingle anime? We're all here because we love anime but how did we get here? This is an interesting one to me as I'm excited to read how everyone got started here. I know I have an interesting story and I'm happy to share it with you!

So come aboard and bring along all your hopes and dreams Vinglers! Let's all gather around the campfire and sing our Vingle anime song.

Like most people (I'm sure) I found Vingle through a friend.

@ChrisSantiago the nerd battle master found it while searching death battles. He showed it to me one day and I signed up. I didn't know what to expect; I thought I would get some fun out of seeing cool anime stuff but not really reacting with the community.

Then everything changed when the mod team attacked... And by attack I mean came up with cool challenges.

I never planned to even make cards but then I saw a cool set of challenges (similar to this one) called Nani November.

The moderator at the time @poojas and the support (now current moderator) @InVinsybll; came up with daily challenges to get the community talking and I wanted in. I love doing them, they were so much fun and I got to interact with all the greet people here on Vingle. Soon after I would be part of a team creating the December event known as Decision December; a tournament in which we all chose 2 goodies and 2 baddies and put them against each other in one v one tournament. Soon after that I joined the anime mod team and that was som much fun.

Joining the mod team was a blast. It was a new experience for sure. I met new friends and got to come up with exciting challenges for the whole community.

It's the time that I got to come up with my new collection Super Sunday that still continues and has over 800 followers! You guys rock seriously. It's quarter 2 now and I'm currently the moderator of the Dragon Ball Community. As time goes on I plan on making the community stronger than ever with new exciting challenges and great events.

Life goes on in Vingle for me and I look forward to meeting new people and continuing to participate in great challenges and continue to be the Dragon Ball mod!

So that's my Vingle anime story. Sorry if it was long winded I love details.

To answer the question on why I Vingle anime; it's because I love interacting with everyone and I finally found people to talk about anime with and I have blast doing it. Thank you for making my time here special! Why do you Vingle anime? Make your own card and don't forget to tag @InVinsybll

Thanks for reading everyone and have a great day!

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rock on, brother!