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Hey guys so I was doing some diggin' around the Health community and I thought I'd share some of my favorite cards you might enjoy reading during your lunch break. I know for myself, I enjoy reading articles during my lunch break and when I am commuting via public transportation.
So, this will be sort of a new thing I am doing - just sharing some cards I personally enjoyed reading, that I think you will too.

Here are 3 you should read:

1) What Do You Think About The Breast Feeding In Public Debate?

This card was written by @LizArnone and you can read the card HERE. The card talks about the controversial topic of breast feeding in public, and why it's important for us to think about the way we view breasts and the female body. The card also includes a video of a social experiment.

2) Big Boob Problems At the GYM

This card was written by me (@alywoah). You can read the card HERE. If you have tig o' bitties, you understand the struggle of working out. It's a hilarious card that you should definitely read. Prepare to laugh!

3) Diabetes Type 1: My Story

This card was written by @rodiziketan. You can read the card HERE. @rodiziketan shares his personal story with having diabetes type 1. It's a very informative card that breaks it down (and will probably answer a lot of your pressing questions about the disease.
@danidee haha yes. The being a member of the big t*tty committee can be painful sometimes lol.
Ahhhhhh thanks girlyyyy I'll be sure to check out these other cards !
You're welcome!!!! @Animaniafreak
Thank you for the brief summary, I didn't know I missed these cards!
That big-chested one is HILARIOUS. I'm glad you're letting people find it again.
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