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We see their heroics, but what about the aftermath?

One of the major criticisms of both Age of Ultron and Batman v. Superman was the amount of destruction in the movies. Not the damage done by the villains- the heroes. In AoU the Hulk panics and destroys a huge building and a substantial part of the city. In BvS Batman is literally packing (he swore off guns in the comics) and his fight against Superman was bad news for bystanders.

Heroes are supposed to solve problems, not BE problems.

That's what's so... super about them. They do things we can't. They save the day and they do it without destroying everything in their path. Whelp. Not anymore?

Knowing these characters, I'm sure they're not proud of the damage they've done...

But does anyone else really want to SEE that? How do they make amends? Do they help with the clean-up? Or is there just a giant super-soldier mess left behind?
now that i read that it got me thinking.... in real life when you cook food someone else washes the dishes, not the one who made the food. So in hero terms i saved yall ass and yall planet the less yall can do it clean up.
oh i never really though about that.... but now that you mention that its got me thinking, now that you have saved the day you gonna clean up this big ass mess that you made.
but seriously wasn't it shown in an avengers comic or one of the others where they pay for damages
Batman has a butler...