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Yesterday @cindystran tagged me in a challenge: Songs that describe your ex. I gave a goofy answer ("Hot Mess" by Cobra Starship), for the lulz, but honestly that's not my ex at all. I mean, my ex is kind of a mess, and objectively good looking, but that's not really what we were about.

My ex is still a really good friend.

We were terrible together. We dated twice and both times were messy and awkward. We don't want the same things in life. We both have really incompatible needs. We love and respect each other very much, which is why we make great friends. But my ex wants kids, parties, and a bunch of other stuff I'm never going to be interested in. Which made us a pretty miserable couple.

As friends, we can go through struggles together.

We're both in that weird in-between place that is your mid-twenties. We have a solid idea of what we want, and zero idea how to make it happen. We've both invested a lot of time and energy into stuff that hasn't panned out. We both feel really lonely and isolated sometimes. We're both worried about the future.

"We're dying in America, to come into our own. And when you're dying in America at the end of the millennia. You're not alone."

(Side note: There aren't many duets between friends.)
And we're in it together. My relationship with my ex is actually a really important one- I don't know where I'd be without one of my best friends. Someone that knows me really well and gives me great advice. Someone I knew I could call when I got fired and needed to just sit and cry for a few hours. Someone who trusted me to be the person sitting in the hospital when a bad migraine struck.

"It's the terror of knowing what this world is about. Watching some good friends screaming, "Let me out!"

We don't love each other romantically anymore, but that doesn't mean that the new love we have for one another is less real or important.

"Welcome home."

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Thanks for sharing and you're right. Some people are just meant to be good friend, not lovers. Unfortunately, I can't really remain as a good friend with my ex to give him any false hope. This is how we grew apart but I guess it was a good decision to define the relationship. He finally got married and found someone that's better for him.