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Honestly I have to thank Facebook for showing an ad about Vingle..... I wouldn't be here if I hadn't seen that ad.... My love for anime has grown tremendously since I've joined Vingle and I love it!!!
Anime will forever be a part of my life❤️ @InVinsybll @tbell2 @hikaymm @AtisutoMeru @AimeBolanos @gabemartin
me to dude I'm so glad a ad came up on my Facebook
I found Vingle from either an ad or a link saying something about "learning Japanese with anime". I study Japanese 4 fun & bc i like the lang, so i was interested. It turned out 2 be a Vingle collection or something like that. But if I hadn't found it that day, I wouldn't have found the only social media I actually love being on. ^_^