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It's probably gonna be awesome.

But let's imagine a sad, terrible world where the movie makes no sense, Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan suddenly forget how to act, and the special effects budget is $0. It looks bad, the lines are hammy, and the plot is convoluted. Personally, I'd be pretty unhappy. I love the characters, and Marvel's pretty much bought my attention. Disappointed wouldn't even begin to cover it. But would I still be a fan? I mean, there's still all the comics, and the good movies that came before it. And the tv series. I might think twice about going to an opening night. But I don't think ONE giant mistake would be enough for me to turn away from the entire franchise. What about you all?
Have no fear, Citizens. I saw it last Wednesday and it was bloody amazing!
My boss watched it at CinemaCon and said it was amazing
I'd be heart broken but I'd have hope for the other movies
I've been pretty disappointed with Marvel ever since Age of Ultron (I was super is appointed with Age of Ultron and refused to see Ant-Man, and I'm not very excited about Doctor Strange). So if Civil War up being terrible for whatever reason, I'm probably going to be hesitant about being excited about Marvel movies in the future.
i'd still love them. we'd still have james mcavoy in apocolypse to look forward to. lol. #AgentKrystal
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