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STAR1 Magazine features SEVENTEEN this month and I could not be more excited about this photo!

They all look so natural and happy, so THEMSELVES and I think more than anything (the concept, the haircuts, the hair colors, etc) this just shows how true to themselves they stay as they shoot like a LITERAL star into fame.

This little 13 member group that took a grueling long time to debut with all its current members has now reached a pivotal moment in its career.

With members still so young, it's only a matter of waiting to see how FAR and BRIGHT these boys will go and shine.

I am so excited and so emotional!

I need a moment.

. . . and I'm good.

@EwSeungkwan I like his voice too, Im a sucker for high, thin sounding voices. Dara from 2ne1, Sungjong from Infinite, Lovelyz Babysoul, ZionT, and now Minghao too!!! Ahhh the feels
@micahsaysnihao Yes!! That's my sweet son! His singing voice is beautiful! He's had lines in previous songs too! Not enough, in my opinion, same for Junhui. China Lina needs a duet tbh. I would cry if they got to do a song by themselves. In Korean or Mandarin!
@EwSeungkwan (its so strange not calling you Morganelizabeth anymore XD) WHAT THATS HIM NO WAY. They really spiced him up, no wonder I didn't recognize him.I hope I get to hear his singing voice in this upcoming album! !! =D
@micahsaysnihao He's the one in plaid on the far right!
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