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Hey Guys! Thanks to everyone who shared their favorite places to shop on this card the fashion crew was able to put together this list for you! We hope you find this useful!

Places To Shop For Cute Dresses

Places to Get Basics

Cute tops, dresses, and more ASOS

Bras & Undies

Places To Shop For Shoes

Japanese & Korean Fashion

Yayyyy!!!! So excited for you and yes please to a haul! @cindystran
@jordanhamilton I just place my first ASOS order because of you. I will probably share a clothing haul as soon as I receive it. :)
pink for bras & undies. h&m & hollister for jeans .
@petname83 Ok. I will keep that in mind. I just have to be extra picky with selecting because I'm petite. Some of maidenform bras fits fine but some gives me a back pain.
pretty accurate. just consider the brand. sobe juniors fit vaas women's etc
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