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Sure Ravi Funky....

So a few days ago Ravi said at the V chart awards that....
But then they release this.... Credit!
Then they throw us off by releasing these pictures....
Finally they released this....wth!!! I'm confused as it is!!!! I really need them to pick a side Credit!


Well this explains the broken down heart...however I still don't find anything FUNKY about jealously, death, and domination.
Nope, no form of funk in this whatsoever. I don't know what Ravi's version of funky is but I don't see it. Not to forget, what's up with all this greek mythology. I honestly don't get it.
Preaching to the choir here! At this point, I don't think any starlights get it. It's driving me insane!!! 😁😁😁
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