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How fucking dare those people who think this? They are perfect the way they are no matter what and fans will always love them no matter how much they change. How many people can say that about the people who think this? They don't get to say this kind of Bullshit. I am so pissed. I mean, I know it's by Koreaboo but still, they still can't just say Shit like that. See it for yourself:
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@VIPFreak2NE1 point exactly
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I hate people who have to constantly put other people down. I mean just because you don't like a person or a group doesn't mean that you have to feel better about your hate by dissing them or trying to put them down threw hateful words because there is always going to be some way for you to express that without either of those but the moment you start ragging on people that I love I will turn on you and I don't care who you are or who you think that you are because BTS is an amazing group and has gotten extremely far threw their own hard work and determination and comments and articles lime this must deeply hurt them. So anyone wanting to diss on people that I like and love keep that (insert cuss word) away from me or I will rip you a new butt hole.
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sorry for ranting but that really just pissed me off
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really!? wtf!??...
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I swear, some of these boys are beautiful. these people need to look in the mirror, like who the eff are you??
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