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Hey everyone so I'm playing catch up with this screenshot story game. It's been a while since I posted my results. I just had it sitting on my phone XD Any who let's get started. Also the image above I will use for all the results to not get confused. ^^
Some things you should know and what happened before. :)
(Reaction to Jinhwan) Wtf?! Where did you come from? (Song Insert) Bad Boy by Big Bang (Reaction to Chanwoo) Slightly smiles but still apprehensive. (Reaction to Jinhwan) Freaked out slightly due to his energy. (Talk with Jinhwan) ? Who is that?
B.I. whispered to Jinhwan. Jinhwan blames Chanwoo. Chanwoo blames Bobby for actually coming up with the idea. (Reaction to Jinhwan picking me up bridal style) These guys are dangerous. I have to get away. -Struggles- (Turns to B.I. and glares) Friends?
(Reaction to Bobby, Yunhyeong, Donghyuk 'aww-ing' ) -Turns red- (Moves to Living Room) So pretty.... (Jinhwan answer to favorite Song) Born Hater by Epik High. -Smiles- To Be Continued......
@jessicaacosta90 Oh man you should see my target.... ;)
@loftonc16 Yes he does Lol
@jessicaacosta90 Lol yeah he seems pretty popular among the results so far! XD
Jinhwan just be popping out so much Lol
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