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This is personal and pretty much has made my life more fun and better. I wake up looking forward to show you guys funny stuff so I hope you enjoy the 4 reasons why I joined.
#1 Acceptance by people like me. I love you guys. You guys accepted who i am. You guys are my friends. I'm so happy to be in a place where i can be myself and make other people laugh or think a bit more. I joined to experience a community of anime loving Poole just like myself and since that day...I'm never letting go. These past months, i have worked hard to bring you content you enjoy because you, the community make me smile. THANK YOU!!!
#2 THE FUNNY TIMES I joined Vingle anime to have a great time and i do. From learning Japanese to the anime MEME!!! OMG THEIR SO FUNNY! It blows my mind that these memes existed and i didn't know until yiu guys showed me. You guys are awesome so thank you.
#3 Sad moments/ helping people I enjoy talking to people and helping out. You guys do the same when I'm depressed. I notice your kind hearts...and im happy that i made amazing friends. This was another reason why i joined.
#4 Waifu's Aka Hot Anime Chicks Yea....i joined to see some fan service....oh boy... I GOT FAN SERVICE! Thanks @BlackOutZJ haha These were the reasons i joined and continue to stay here. Thank you.... @invinsybll @hikaymm @BlackOutZJ
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