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this is so bad also I got the person IG name to here https://www.instagram.com/baeekhyunee_exo/ make sure you report this person
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what the hell?! I swear there people should get a life instead of trashing on idols or even invading their privacy!!!!!!! It makes my blood boil in anger because of these obsessive and rude people! Leave idols alone! They have their own life
@VIPforever123 this happen to exo has well
@LesbianKpopper Really? :/ They really have no life at all to be doing these incredibly rude and disrespectful things
@VIPforever123 yeah even exo manger got involved saying leave exo alone
ok im not a fan of hers but this is to much you call yourself a fan but yet you do all this uh heck no why would u do this to get info ok something u know u should not get like really ugh i dont even know what to say anymore like really respect man do u not know what respect means at all if u dont go bck to elementry and re-learn the word "respect"