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Hello my beautiful ST🌟RLIGHTS!! Happy Friday!! That means it is ⬆ another addition Ken Bug Fridays.

For this Ken Bug Friday, I wan't to travel back to their Debut Track ❣SuperHero❣

** I personally loved this era on Ken. His hair was so pretty like that **

I believe this is what made me love Ken Bug ❣

Also, They were all so squishy! ❦

➺ Love his hair like this!!!!

➺ I may have gone overboard with the Screenshots, but it is my phone, I do what I want.

➺ His singing Faces are adorable ❦.

➺ Can I pet him now?????

➺ Again, haha I love Ken Bug ❦.

➺ I will be friendly and throw out some of my Sassy Leo and Sassy Ken Screenshots because they are perfection!!! ❦

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If I happened to miss you I apologize!!

@EleanorKriegel Yes!! He was so stinkin fluffy.
I agree. Ken looks best in this hair.
He looks so good in those screen shots.
Ken♡♡♡♡ super adorable
@StephanieDuong Yes!!! I love me some Ken
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