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You all know me by now, I don't need to explain how much I've played Fallout: New Vegas. You all know that it's still my favorite Fallout game even though Fallout 4 came out recently. It's something that I wear like a badge of honor. I'm a New Vegas Veteran.
That being said, I've spent hundreds of hours playing the game. And playing it vanilla (without mods) as well. There's so much to the game that I still haven't experienced and the only reason I haven't gone back to it is because I finally want to experience the game with all the mods that the community made in the years since its release.
But one thing that never crossed my mind was speedrunning this game. I knew it was a thing that people did (like they do with all games). But I never saw the game being speedran (is that the right way to phrase it?) until recently. So beating this game in a little under 20 minutes is something that blew my mind.
There's so much to do and so much to see and so many weird things that can happen while you play the game. It's amazing to me that someone figured out how to get through the whole game in that amount of time.
Of course, the speedrunner had to use some glitches in order to move across the wasteland so fast but it's still looks like something that I couldn't do if I wanted to. There are a couple of things that he did in order to speed run the game and I listed them below:
-- Breaking his own legs to gain speed. This works by saving and quickloading just before crippling your character; if done correctly the game grants you a 152% speedboost. -- Playing the game in Italian, as it is quicker than the English voice acting. -- Skipping NPC dialogue through quicksaves. -- Clipping through walls using quicksaves.
If you want to see the full list of "tricks" that the guy used to do this, you can click here.
Have any of you guys tried a speedrun before? I know I have but immediately gave up as soon as I messed up one little thing. I don't have the intestinal fortitude to go through with a full speedrun, if you want me to be honest.
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