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Fallout: New Vegas Speedrun Record Now At 20 Minutes

You all know me by now, I don't need to explain how much I've played Fallout: New Vegas. You all know that it's still my favorite Fallout game even though Fallout 4 came out recently. It's something that I wear like a badge of honor. I'm a New Vegas Veteran.
That being said, I've spent hundreds of hours playing the game. And playing it vanilla (without mods) as well. There's so much to the game that I still haven't experienced and the only reason I haven't gone back to it is because I finally want to experience the game with all the mods that the community made in the years since its release.
But one thing that never crossed my mind was speedrunning this game. I knew it was a thing that people did (like they do with all games). But I never saw the game being speedran (is that the right way to phrase it?) until recently. So beating this game in a little under 20 minutes is something that blew my mind.
There's so much to do and so much to see and so many weird things that can happen while you play the game. It's amazing to me that someone figured out how to get through the whole game in that amount of time.
Of course, the speedrunner had to use some glitches in order to move across the wasteland so fast but it's still looks like something that I couldn't do if I wanted to. There are a couple of things that he did in order to speed run the game and I listed them below:
-- Breaking his own legs to gain speed. This works by saving and quickloading just before crippling your character; if done correctly the game grants you a 152% speedboost. -- Playing the game in Italian, as it is quicker than the English voice acting. -- Skipping NPC dialogue through quicksaves. -- Clipping through walls using quicksaves.
If you want to see the full list of "tricks" that the guy used to do this, you can click here.
Have any of you guys tried a speedrun before? I know I have but immediately gave up as soon as I messed up one little thing. I don't have the intestinal fortitude to go through with a full speedrun, if you want me to be honest.
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Why don't start playing the game on these laptops, it's really awesome
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Best Phone Under 8000 In 2021
These budget smartphones are available in similar sizes but if you are seeking to find one from best 4G mobile phones under 8000 in India in 2021, there are many options for you to decide from. While these sort of phones usually vary with their specifications, this list focuses on the latest mobile phones offering cutting-edge performance, camera, appearance and the overall experience. Phones on a Budget: The Best Mobiles under Rs. 8000 in 2021 We understand how hard it is to rummage exhaustingly through numerous options available in the market. It is quite difficult to choose from so many interesting and equally impressive choices. At some point, you get all confused and that’s where we come. To guide you through the simple process and help you with the excellent choice you make, our list of best phones under 8000 in India is at your aid. 1. Realme C3 Among all the Realms phones there ever existed the best Realme phone under Rs. 8000 has got to be Realme C3. 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With its Aura XGrip, the texture of mesh offers a tight grip and your fingerprint marks are taken rightly care of. The overall design has a stunning appearance with the retaining of the ergonomic hand feel. It has splash-resistance support by P2i. Redmi phones are known for their camera qualities. The 13 MP AI primary camera with a 2 MP depth sensor is skillfully created to recognize as many as 33 different scenes and captures beautifully enhanced pictures. The depth sensor along with the primary sensor produces a soft bokeh effect that gives your pictures DSLR-like quality. Another key feature is its display. It has High Definition 15.8 cm (6.22 inch) LCD with Dot Notch design. The protection is given by the market-leading Corning Gorilla Glass 5 which provides safeguard against accidental drops or falls occuring on a daily basis. So, you don’t have to worry next time when your phone falls out of your hands. It is the best mobile under 8000 when it comes to effortless multitasking option. It is supported by Qualcomm Snapdragon 439 with Octa-core processor up to 2.0 GHz offering a brilliant performance with a focus on the power optimization. The memory is expandable up to 512 GB and it has 2+1 SIM card slot. 5000 mAh battery Supports Fast Charge of 18W Wireless FM Radio Aura XGrip Design 13 MP AI Rear Camera + 2 MP Depth Sensor 3. Infinix Hot 8 Infinix Hot 8 is undoubtedly the best Infinix mobile under Rs. 8000 that you can get. This phone is literally “hot” in the market due to some of its surprising features. Available in two stunning gradient colours – quetzal cyan and cosmic purple – this phone has amazing specifications which will blow your mind. The price ranges from Rs. 6,999 onwards. How about “Ek Baadi Shuruaat”? Starting with the camera, it is the best android phone under 8000 which gives you the ultimate AI Triple Rear Camera. With the combination of Depth Sensor, 13 MP AI Primary Camera and Low Light Sensor, click some heavenly low-light pictures. It also has Quad-LED Flash, Large Aperture (f1.8), latest Google Lens and Custom Bokeh modes. One thing that Infinix mobiles follow is the clear sound system. It has big on sound as well as clarity design. You can literally feel the depth of the music with DIRAC Stereo Widening Technology where bass, sound quality and volume are carefully designed. Are you looking for a phone with a big on performance? Infinix Hot 8 is the best mobile under 8000 in India 2020 which gives you fast, light and smooth UI experience. It is designed with XOS 5.0 Cheetah with Android 9.0 Pie. The whole design is made in a manner that will notify you about exclusive updates or promos available in the android technology. Not only that, with Helio P22 Octa-Core Processor, witness the grand performance it gives. Of course we cannot forget to mention the massive battery it has. 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The Titans Are Coming in August, Are You Ready?
Two months ago, I wrote about an Attack on Titan game that ended up coming out in Japan a little bit ago looks like it's coming out in North America and Europe in August. Now, if you know me (the robot, former human), then you know that I am extremely excited for this game. I didn't think that it'd ever come out for Western audiences but I'm glad that I was wrong. But can you blame me? I mean, a lot of Japanese games hardly ever make it over to the Americas and/or Europe, an example of this is the Yakuza series (games I really want to get into). A trailer was released today announcing the European release date (and after some research, I found the North American release date, which is just two days later) and I'm extremely excited for it. The trailer isn't anything we haven't seen before but there is one thing that I'm really happy about. It essentially just looks like the Japanese trailer with English subtitles. And one of the things I constantly worry about when they bring these Japanese games to the West, the character usually get horrible English dubs which make me feel queasy. So, I'm really glad that I'll get to play the game in the same way that I watched the show. It also looks like the game covers the first season of the show, so if you haven't watched past that it shouldn't be a problem for you. Or, you can start watching it again now just to catch up. AOT: Wings of Freedom will be released on (almost) every platform on August 26th in Europe and August 28th in North America.
Hướng Dẫn Cách Xem Mạng Gà Đá Trực Tiếp Hôm Nay
Như các anh em cũng biết, đá gà trực tiếp rất quan trọng đối với chúng ta, đặc biệt là đối với những chiến kê sau bao nhiêu ngày nuôi vất vả, và lần đầu tiên xuất thân ra đấu trường, thì trận đấu đầu tiên luôn là quan trọng nhất. Trận đấu đầu tiên sẽ tạo tâm lý cho cả chiến kê lẫn sư kê, chính vì thế, các anh em luôn phải chọn ngày lành mà xuất trận, vậy xem ngày như thế nào, sau đây trang web sẽ bật mí với các anh em qua bài viết sau. Màu mạng gà trong đá gà trực tiếp là gì? Để có thể xem ngày được ngày chuẩn để xuất binh, anh em cần phải nắm được màu mạng gà đá trực tiếp là gì. Căn cứ theo màu sắc của gà đá trực tiếp, chúng ta có thể xem chúng tương ứng tượng trưng với các ngũ hành trong phong thủy. Từng giống gà sẽ có bộ lông đặc trưng của nó, với các màu sắc sẽ tương ứng với kim - mộc - thủy - hỏa - thổ. Khi chúng ta thấu hiểu được mạng của gà, cùng với quy luật vận hành vũ trụ của âm dương, chúng ta sẽ có được bùa hộ mệnh trong tay và lựa chọn ngày khởi binh đá gà trực tiếp hoành tráng nhất, tạo bước đệm vững chắc, và tiền đề rộng mở cho sự nghiệp huấn luyện kê vương. Có những mạng đá gà trực tiếp nào? Đương truyền về màu của mạng gà đá, để đưa ra những phán đoán chuẩn sát nhất về phong thủy, anh em cần phải có một số kiến thức nền tảng đặc biệt là về kinh kê. Dựa rất các nguyên tố ngũ hành, như kim - mộc - thủy - hỏa - thổ cùng với các đặc tính tương sinh, tương khắc của từng ngũ hành, và được áp dụng trên màu sắc của lông chiến kê như sau, mời các anh em tham khảo qua: Mệnh Kim Đối với mệnh kim, thuộc tính tượng trưng cho tính khí và kim loại trong trời đất, những chiến kê có mệnh kim thường có một nội lực vững chắc và bền bỉ đặc biệt nếu được rèn luyện trong một chế độ luyện tập nghiêm khắc sẽ phát huy tối đa tiềm năng vốn có của nó. Với khả năng linh hoạt, óc phán đoán nhạy bén, thích hợp với đao và kiếm, các chiến kê mệnh kim thường được sử dụng trong các trận chiến đá gà trực tiếp, đặc biệt là đá gà cựa sắt và đá gà cựa dao. Tuy nhiên, nhược điểm của mệnh kim là rất bướng và hay bị tiêu cực, chính vì thế, đối với tâm lý các sư kê phải thấu hiểu được và thường xuyên để gà trong vườn để giảm stress, nếu chiến kê ở một chỗ trong chuồng, nó sẽ rất khó chịu và tâm lý sẽ bị tiêu cực. Đặc điểm của giống gà thuộc mệnh kim chính là bộ lông màu vàng hoặc màu trắng.
We're Finally Getting the Final Fantasy VII Remake We Deserve
All of everyone who has ever been a person who has known another person who played Final Fantasy VII will know that there have been thousands and thousands of drunk conversations about a remake of the Playstation 1 classic. And for a long time, a lot of us believed that it would never happen. It would take years, one would say. It'll probably happen long after our lifetime, another would announce. But now we can all happily say that we were wrong. It's coming, we've seen it. Thanks to last weekends Playstation Experience event, we've finally gotten to see what an actual remake would look like on PS4. Complete with some gameplay footage. You can check out the trailer below. One of the oddest things about this trailer is the addition of voice acting. I honestly don't know what I expected any of the characters to sound like but I'm pretty pleased with it. It's been such a long time since I've played the original game, I'm happy that there's new life being pumped into it with this remake. The character designs look slick and fresh -- seeing Barrett again was pretty awesome -- and it all looks like an animated movie instead of a video game. It's pretty amazing to see how detailed the world and graphics are. I remember playing the original game and only being able to imagine what the world actually looked like. This remake seems like it's tapping into our imagination in order to do the game justice from a visual perspective. The one thing that surprised me even more, though, was the way they changed the combat system. I tried my best to take a screenshot of the action on the screen (above) so forgive me if it's a little messy looking. But it looks like they gave up on the old turn-based combat system (probably because it's a little archaic now) and adopted the newer real-time combat system that Final Fantasy 15 has. If you've played the demo (as I did when I got it with Final Fantasy Type-0) then you'll notice that the HUD looks a lot like the one found in the demo. I'm honestly extremely excited for the remake even though they haven't really announced a timeframe of when it's going to come out. It's just good to see that the remake is actually in production instead of hoping and wishing and praying over bottles of empty beers.
Click Speed Game | A New Viral in Minecraft Gamers Community | CPS Challenge
We are all living in an era of the 21st century in which anything can go viral over the night, so this is the case in this scenario. This CPS challenge has gone viral among the Minecraft gaming community recently, and almost everybody is crazy about it and want to know what all this craze is about. So here I am busting some of the myths about this trend and clearing out some of your misconceptions about this trend so let's begin with our exploration. How this game is serving Minecraft Community If you are familiar with Minecraft game or are you are Minecraft gamer yourself, you must be familiar with the term CPS which is click per seconds. Hence, the CPS plays a vital role in Minecraft gaming. In order to outsmart your competitor or perform exceptionally well, your CPS should be high enough. So what this game by Joltfly does Is it enables the gamers to test their cps score in a fun way. Moreover, the gamers can train for their click speed and enhance their cps scores while playing an exciting game which will eventually strengthen their skills Arsenal. A New Course of Competition The Minecraft Gamers community is quite excited about the game as it allows them to practice for their skills and compete as well for exciting ranks, which this game has to offer along with all of its perks. The virality factor of this game is due to the Tiktok videos from so many people who are competing with each Other trying to break the records of one another while uploading their videos on the Tik Tok challenge. So it is a good chance for you guys. If you are good at CPS, you can record a video and upload it on Tiktok and hope that it goes viral. And if you are not good at CPS, you can always practice enhancing your skills, so there is always a chance for you. “Practice doesn't make perfect it reduces the imperfection.” Conclusion This game has to offer exciting ranks that make this challenge worthy enough to compete for and the practice, which is thrilling after all. In the end, we leave it to you guys to try this game and come to a conclusion yourself that if this game is worthy enough to spend your time or not, good luck.