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This is a video I saw a friend share on Facebook earlier today. It's from the youtube channel of Ken Tanaka, author of the 'children's book for adults' "Everybody Dies". Tanaka's life story is one that is probably pretty uncommon, but altogehter more common than we'd think. Born to white parents in LA, he was adopted as a baby by a Japanese couple and raised in the Shimane Prefecture in Japan.
This video is made for entertainment purposes, but it captures what must be a real problem that Tanaka has encountered in his life growing up. A problem that I can honestly say I've never actually thought of before.
Generally, when I think about international adoption, I tend to think about it from a American-centric point of view, and then more specifically white parents adopting international kids. Angelina Jolie springs to mind.
It's 2016. It's the 21st century, as the video points out. It's time to start opening eyes to the scope of what nationality is and can be. For some people in Japan, that could be recognizing that native Japanese speakers may not present as native Japanese. For us here, it's distancing ourselves as best we can from an entirely Americentric point of view.
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