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MY MUSIC TASTE is organization that puts together concerts and events all around the world.
There's many questions about MY Music Taste (MMT) They just recently changed their whole website so I here's the instructions for "MAKING" your concert.
1) Create an account (if you haven't already)
2) Search for your Artist + City
3) When you click "Make" you will be prompted to verify your account. Click "ADD" to go to the phone number verification screen.
4) After verification go back to the same Artist +City and click "Make" again.
Passing the Grey Stage:
1) 300 Verified Makers
2) Daily Missions: For 50 Days, 30 verified makers must login and answer daily activity questions.
Point System:
55 points: Inviting a friend- This is not based on how many times you tweet or share of Facebook, but based on how many of your friends click "Make" from the city specific invited link you provided.
25 points: Answering Daily Mission question
These vary for every concert. In the past they've had signed merchandise, rehearsal access, and meet n greets!
Similar daily missions as the grey stage. Includes Venue, and Promotor Recommendations like before. It also includes the ticket packages you saw before you verified your account.
This means that your artist is FOR SURE coming. Between the Yellow and the Green stage , MMT takes the information you've provided them through the Daily Missions and how many fans you've gotten to sign up and begins the negotiation process with the Artists company. So if a campaign doesn't work out, it is likely because there are conflicts on the artist's side of the table.
I hope this was helpful. We are working hard at bringing more artists to North America. With you're help it's possible. If you have any questions please message/comment. I'll be happy to answer what I can.