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HOW I STARTED: One day I was looking for an app about Fairy Tail and the options came out and Vingle appeared. The bright red color intrigued me so I clicked on the app and saw all the amazing communities and @poojas as the main cards for 'How to speak Japanese'! So I downloaded the app and fell in love instantly! I started posting cards of my most favorite anime Fairy Tail!❤ So I have to thank Fairy Tail for that because I wouldn't have found this amazing app or have met so many amazing people along the way!
I Vingle because I absolutely LOVE ANIME!❤ My cards are mainly about Fairy Tail! Whether it's from Fairy Tail Ships, Funny Videos, Amazing Fan Art or a description and background of a Character I will always post Fairy Tail cards because that's how much I love it! (I do post other animes but im going with my main cards xD) I didn't expect to become so popular but Im really glad that people like what I love and I am really happy and appreciate all the followers and friends here you guys are amazing THANK YOU!❤ I dont and wont stop posting because I dont think there will ever come a day where I will stop loving anime!

This is why I VINGLE and this is why I love it!❤

@NinaPerry Thank you