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The answer to the title question can be seen in the video I left below by westracer. And since CS is definitely a "twitch-shooter", it looks like Fallout would end up breaking the competitive FPS entirely.
Just being able to use VATS would change the game for everyone, obviously. But we all know that. Which is why this video is so great. Instead of taking itself a little too seriously to see what would happen if the two games merged, it's more of a hilarious look into two games that probably shouldn't get together and have a baby.
Titled Nuclear Strike, the video is around 2 minutes long and it's well worth the watch. It's kind of funny to see how he animated the games to work in conjunction with each other. It's kind of awesome because we probably wouldn't have seen a mix between the two games without this video.
My favorite part of the the short is when the guy in Power Armor comes out of the Vertibird and starts laying waste to everybody. Imagine how OP that would be if it were included in Counter-Strike for real?
And weirdly enough, this video made me want to go back to playing Fallout instead of CS and look for a better suit of Power Armor, or at least paint the ones I have now to look cool. What did you guys think of the vid?
this was actually cool to watch, though it would make no sense as an actual game. loved that vats-assisted 4-man headshot