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Hey everyone! Today's challenge is "Bias at Radio Shows," so I only have a few videos prepared for this one. They are good though! I was considering making a substitute for today's, but I liked the radio show videos that I found so much that I had to keep it! They are all subbed too, by the way. This topic also allows us to see all of the BTS members, which is great! The last three cards for this challenge will have lots of total BTS action, so I hope you enjoy these until the end!
I love when they do these little challenges on these shows! They are so much fun to watch! We also get some for VMin action up in here!
Here is BTS singing the I NEED U slow jam version. I love how Jimin sounds here! Everyone kills this!
Some more challenges! I loved them on this radio show! In this part, Jimin and J-Hope are partnered up for another fun game! I think I made it so it starts at the part that showcases the two of the, but if you have time, you should really watch as much of the whole show as you can!