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Thanks for all the support guys, I really appreciate it. Tagging... @chisom756 @Bikutoria13 @SarahVanDorn @Jessicalista @AbbyRoscoe @ParkHwaYoung @MaritessSison Anyway, on with the story....
You were right things were going to change. Once you informed the managers of BigHit, they congratulated you two but told you to keep it secret for the moment, at least until your debut. There were already rumours surrounding the two groups and this would make a killer headline. It also wouldn't help your group's press as everyone would be asking about you and Jungkook rather than the band. It was going to be hard. You two couldn't be seen in public together alone and if you accidentally were caught you were to say that you are just friends. It was certainly going to be interesting. It had now been just over 2 weeks since you and Jungkook had become boyfriend and girlfriend and nothing really changed between you two, not in your mind. You both stuck at rehearsals and spent most of your free time together.
You were in the dance studio with the girls. The music had just finished and you all seemed to collapse from exhaustion. You heard the door open and the sound of footsteps came towards you. "Need some water babe?" You sat up and saw Jungkook standing in front of you with a bottle of iced water. "Thanks!" You said before rapidly drinking the water. Tammy decided to speak up, "did you bring us all water Jungkook?" Her tone was a tiny bit too sarcastic for your liking. "No, I got the rest of you flavoured iced water!" At that moment, V came in with a tray of drinks for the rest of the girls. He was so kind it was unreal. "OMG!!" Tammy shouted, "Y/N where can I get a boy like him??" You giggled as Kookie helped you to your feet. He was about to hug you but you stopped him, "Kookie I'm really sweaty, you better not!" He smiled and lifted your chin up. Leaning down, he went in for a kiss. You could hear the rest of the girls calling out to you two; "Get a room" , "Don't go too wild" and "you know we are still here" were amongst a few of the comments you hear. Yet, it didn't matter to you. You two pressed your lips against each other as you wrapped your arms around the back of his neck.
It was a sweet moment. You felt a slight pain on your bottom lip and looked down. Kookie was slightly biting your lip, you knew he had done this just for show as he liked to show your love off to others. You both released each other and Jungkook jerked his head to the right to signal to you that it was time to go. "I'll ur... See you later girls ok. Back at the dorm!" You shouted out. "Back at the dorm!" They called back in unison. "Come back in one peace!" Zara called after you as you and Kookie left the room hand in hand. He walked you to BTS' rehearsal room and as you entered you noticed that the room was empty. "Why here?" You asked, a little curious at how mysterious he was being. "I've just seen you rehearse, now you can watch me!" He stated A thought popped into your head and with a smug half smile on your face, you asked, "once you're done, can you teach me it?" He nodded, the added pressure not really bothering him.
JUNGKOOK's POV: He decided to show her the Dope choreography. The music started and he did both Rap Mon's and Jimin's parts as well as his own. It came to the chorus and he could see you smiling out the corner of his eye. This encouraged him even more. He completed it and finally the music stopped. He was a bit tired but was quite used to the energetic dance. "Like it?" He asked, seeing the smile plastered on her face. "Of course, it's a great dance and you're a great dancer!" She commented back. He felt satisfied that he had impressed her. She walked towards him, he was now going to teach her the chorus' moves. "Now just before the chorus starts, you slowly rise up, like so..." He said demonstrating the move. "With the arm?" "Yes with the arm" She wasn't quite doing it right, he went over to her and placed his hands on her hips. "Like this..." Using the grip he had on her, he carefully pulled her waist upwards to the right position. She seemed to be in a hot flush but he didn't mind, he liked the contact between them. "So now are you ready for the rest?" He asked. To be honest, he didn't mind carrying on but she still looked quite tired and so he dismissed the thought of carrying on. "You know what, let's actually go back to the dorm now, you should get some rest" She nodded but he wasn't just going to let her crawl her way back. He picked her up and placed her over his shoulder. He heard her giggle a little, "Kookie, I can walk. Put me down!" He ignored her request and carried on walking.
He exited the building to find a few reporters standing outside. They seemed to come to life once they saw him carrying Y/N and a few flashes went off. "Are you two dating?" "Is there a new relationship we should know about?" Questions flew around him and he could tell that you weren't enjoying the sudden media trap. A few faint orders of "put me down!" could be heard from Y/N's lips but he still didn't obey. "She's a good friend of mine and is also very tired so I'm doing her a favour" he blurted out, not even daring to look at any of the photographers. He placed you down just before a car door and then got in the other side. Once you were both sat down, the car drew away. It was lucky that there was always a taxi nearby. He placed his hand on her knee and rubbed circles with his thumb. It was so calming. He was thinking of apologising to her about forcefully carrying her but didn't feel that it was overly necessary. It was mid afternoon but he knew that him and Y/N were likely to just chill and watch a film or two and he knew how time could fly. He was already thinking about plans for the evening and his mind created a genius idea. He turned to her, "Squish," he almost stuttered, why was this so hard to say, "Would you want to stay over again tonight at the dorm?" She looked a bit confused but it was just forward planning, "sure?!" "And maybe.. T-tonight you could slum w-with.. Me!" Slum? SLUM? The word echoed round his head, he could have just said 'sleep'. But, maybe that word suggested that they could be doing more, that's not what he had in mind just yet.
YOUR POV: Sleep with him??? He had said slum but he wanted you to SLEEP WITH HIM?! It was pretty much like yesterday that you were two different people. It wasn't that long ago that you slept in a separate room to him. His question about sudden intimacy had shocked you. It hadn't been that long that you two had been going out but you assumed that maybe he wanted something more. Even though you weren't really into that kinda stuff or more importantly ready for this stage in your relationship, all you wanted was for him to be happy. After a moment of silence, you replied "sure that's fine, I'll let the girls know" You texted the rest of your group. Yet, what you weren't going to tell them was that you would be sleeping in the same bed as Jungkook. You decided it was better not to tell them, just imagine the embarrassment the next day!!! You finally got to the dorm and kept your head down as you both entered the building. Jungkook led you to his room and told you that you could relax while he went to get a couple of movies to choose from. While he was gone, you scanned his room. It was painted a dark shade of red and looked like a typical guy's room. There was a flat screen tv on the wall opposite the double bed. The rest of the room consisted of a wardrobe, a chest of drawers, a desk with a laptop on top of it and a table tennis table. You laid your legs out in front of you on the bed and leant back into the pillow. It smelt of Jungkook's natural scent, nice, it reminded you of home.
JUNGKOOK's POV: He went into the living room and immediately strode over to the bookcase packed with DVDs. He chose a few different options; Love Actually, Hunger Games, Unfriended, Finding Nemo and We're the Millers. He wasn't sure exactly what you would want to watch. A sudden voice almost made him jump, "can I join, that is if you're watching a movie?" It was Taehyung. "Tae, Jesus chr-, no you can't" He almost growled, looking slightly disheartened, "you're watching it with HER aren't you?" He said "her", referring to you, in such a disgusted manner. Where had this sudden disliking towards Y/N come from?? This was his girlfriend Taehyung was talking about! "Is there a problem with that then?" He finally asked, not sure exactly how to word the question. "No, I guess not!" Tae was defeated, "I was the one who set you both up I suppose" Maybe Taehyung was just in a bad mood, Jungkook left that as the reason and didn't bother in asking any further questions. He was carrying the DVDs in his arms, cradling them to keep them in his grasp.
YOUR POV: Jungkook eventually returned with a handful of DVDs in his arms. He paused in the doorway for a moment, he appeared to be taking in the image of you on his bed and a small smirk arose. You shuffled slightly under the heat but remembered that if that's what he wanted then you were going to have to go along with it. He scattered the varying DVDs in front of you and you noticed the range of genres. Your eyes were immediately attracted to the Finding Nemo cover, yes it was an animated film but it was a good Disney movie. "What about Finding Nemo?" You suggested. He smiled at your slightly childish side but accepted and placed it in the tv. He walked towards the bed but you didn't notice how close he was until you spotted a shadow out of the corner of your eye. He coughed, hint hint, you slowly turned your head to face him. "Are you gonna move up then, or am I sitting on the floor?" He said jokingly. You slid across and he parallel to you only a few centimetres from your body. As the film started, he put his arm around you and in turn you leaned your head on his shoulder. It was the perfect way to end your day. You were still tired but awake enough to watch the film with your boyfriend.
Once the film finished, he turned off the tv. This is the moment Y/N, he's going to take things further and you just had to accept it. He looked down at you and began to play with your hair, "so, what do you want to do now?" He asked. You thought of many scenarios but instead returned with, "whatever you want." He smiled, it scared you slightly as he now had the power over you, your fate held in his hands. At the spur of the moment, he launched at you. His body on top of yours. You noticed how strong his arms looked, he was obviously able to do whatever he wanted whether you wanted to or not. "Netflix and chill huh?" You sighed, completely unable to move from the spot. He smiled, leaned down and whispered in your ear, "the modern way of expressing love!" You were about to reply with a witty comment but was stopped by a pair of lips attaching themselves to the top of your neck. This was a whole new feeling for you, it felt weird but good. He lifted from the place and his eyes met yours, the lust fully setting in. In one swift movement, he flicked off his shirt to reveal a defined six pack. He obviously went to the gym. He connected his lips to yours and only retreated when reclaiming his breath, "it's fine darling, we'll do this together!"
My eyes suddenly readjusted to the bright lighting. "Fish are friends not food" you heard from the tv. You must have fallen asleep during the movie. Wait, that was a dream? It worried you that you were having these kind of dreams about your boyfriend, you would obviously need to learn about control. "It's okay babe, you've been peacefully sleeping for that last 15 minutes" his voice was reassuring. He could easily make you feel at home. That's when the thought kicked in. 'Was this dream actually about to happen?' It seemed a bit too fast for you. "So, you didn't-" you had to stop yourself, you weren't about to tell him your dream, it was too weird. "Didn't what?" He asked, you stayed silent. His voice got more and more worried, "What was it? You can tell me" The big puppy dog eyes were your weakness, it pressured you to open up to him. "I- I had a dream- kinda night- well it wasn't really a nightmare as such. Where you wanted an-and did... Love me in a more.. Sexual manner" He was almost holding back a snigger, "Babe, I wouldn't do anything of the sort without your permission. Anyway, it's a bit too early for that don't you think?!" you signed in relief, nothing dodgy was going to happen that any of the other boys could have easily walked in on. You both snuggled and gradually faded into a deep sleep. Wow, you really were tired, didn't even manage to make it through the whole movie.
That's it for now. I'm not gonna make this story smutty in anyway so that's about the extent to which I'm going to use sexual content. Hope you enjoyed!
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