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I've been incredibly hype for Mirror's Edge: Catalyst ever since it was announced. It was one of those announcements that came out of nowhere and pleased fans everywhere. And yesterday, some new footage of the game came out which shows some aspects of the game we haven't seen yet.
One of which being the open world exploration elements that are now apart of the game. It's interesting to watch the video and see the player try and figure out how to get from one place in the city to another. And since the game is open world, it looks like after you select a mission to complete, you get some sort of guidance when it comes to what direction you should be heading in.
Another element the video shows off is the light RPG-esque skill tree they're implementing into the game. And while some of us might think this is a cool addition to the game, it seems that a lot of the fans aren't enjoying it.
Apparently it puts actions behind XP unlocks that were standard to Faith in the first game. The issue could be with fans of the series not wanting to unlock things that should've been unlocked from the start, or it could be an issue where the devs are trying to pad the game's length by forcing players to unlock certain things before proceeding.
Either way though, I don't want to make any sort of judgement on the new systems in place until I get my hands on it. Which, apparently, will be soon. And by soon I mean next week. It looks like EA is having an open beta for the game starting next week (April 22nd), so after I get some time with the game, I'll let all of you know how it feels/ends up.
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next time maybe say check out 17 minutes and 45 seconds of footage, so then I can watch the whole thing
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